9 Unexpected Colours For Promotional Products

Ever seen a sharkskin promo pen? How about a spicy mustard promo mug? Well, according to the colouring experts at Pantone, we could soon be seeing a lot more of these exotically named colours on the everyday objects that surround us – including promotional products.

Pantone have just released their colour predictions for autumn 2016, backed by a series of lovely-looking mood boards. Pantone’s research is helping to showcase, and also inspire, the many different uses of these colours in areas such as fashion, packaging and product design. As mentioned in our intro, it seems that sharkskin (grey) and spicy mustard (yellow) are among the top colour choices for designers this year.

“The desire for tranquillity, strength, and optimism have inspired a autumn 2016 colour palette that is led by the Blue family,” confidently predicts Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute. “These unexpectedly vivacious colours in our autumn 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical autumnal shades.”

Wasn’t Expecting That

So, from Airy Blue to Warm Taupe, keep a look out for these nine Pantone-promoted colours in the coming months…

Pantone Airy Blue 14-4122 Mood Board

Pantone Airy Blue colour mood board

Pantone Aurora Red 18-1550 Mood Board

Pantone Aurora Red colour mood board

Pantone Bodacious 17-3240 Mood Board

Pantone Bodacious colour mood board

Pantone Dusty Cedar 18-1630 Mood Board

Pantone Dusty Cedar colour mood board

Pantone Lush Meadow 18-5845 Mood Board

Pantone Lush Meadow colour mood board

Pantone Potter’s Clay 18-1340 Mood Board

Pantone Potter's Clay colour mood board

Pantone Sharkskin 17-3914 Mood Board

Pantone Sharkskin colour mood board

Pantone Spicy Mustard 14-0952 Mood Board

Pantone Spicy Mustard colour mood board

Pantone Warm Taupe 16-1318 Mood Board

Pantone Warm Taupe colour mood board

Images Credit: Pantone

Tickled Pink

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