April Fool’s Day 2017 – The Best Pranks By Brands

Although April Fool’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, that didn’t stop many of the world’s biggest brands from trying to trick us all with some mischievous tomfoolery over the weekend. So did your favourite brand make it through to our round-up of the funniest pranks and hoaxes for April Fool’s Day 2017?

Petlexa by Amazon

The Petlexa allows cats, dogs and other pets to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant – just like you do. Is this fur real?

Whopper Toothpaste by Burger King

The first flame-grilled toothpaste that keeps your mouth Whopper fresh. But who would want to kiss somebody with Burger King breath?

Spray Tan by Cheetos

Turn heads by looking like the snack you love – all thanks to the new Cheetos Spray Tan. Wonder if there’s a supersized can for sale in Essex stores?


Cracked Screen Balm by giffgaff

Get rid of screen cracks and make your mobile phone feel shiny and new with giffgaff’s Cracked Screen Balm. Smooth.

Cracked Screen Balm by giffgaff

Ms. Pac-Man by Google Maps

Play a round of the classic arcade game, Ms. Pac-Man, anywhere (almost) on Google Maps. Probably our favourite April Fool’s of 2017, as this one actually does what it says! Screenshot shows the area near Premier’s head office in Feering, Essex.

Gin Sauna Experience by Groupon

Instead of regular steam, the water used at the Skin & Tonic spa is infused with a high-quality gin that contains botanicals including coriander seeds, orris root and cassia bark. Intoxicating.

Horn Emojis by Honda

The latest innovation from Honda Dream Laboratories, Horn Emojis offer a range of horn sounds for a variety of scenarios, from seeing your kids off to school to commiserating with other drivers in rush-hour traffic. As if that ever happens along the A12!


Talking of emojis, the Beano also revealed a special emoji-only edition of the famous comic. If there hasn’t been a desperate need for a cow pie emoji before, there is now.

Beano emoji comic

The Bucket by KFC

This voice-activated delivery and smart home device by KFC reports on the latest weather, traffic, sports and fried chicken news. Tasty tech.

The Bucket by KFC

The Micro Mac by McDonald’s

Beefy. Cheesy. Tiny. The #MicroMac has arrived. For those on a very, very strict diet.


Docking Station Notebook by Moleskine

Charge your phone everywhere with the new Moleskine Docking Station Notebook. No USB required, it’s powered by PaperTricity. A DIY, non-powered version of this Notebook can be accomplished in real life with a sharp scalpel and pair of steady hands.

Docking Station Notebook by Moleskine

Seahorse Racing by Paddy Power

Welcome to the new equine-aquatic sport of Seahorse Racing. Taking sports betting and entertainment to new depths with all the excitement of horse racing – but underwater.

12-Sided Pizza by Pizza Hut

Celebrating the introduction of the UK’s new pound coin, Pizza Hut launches the world’s first 12-sided pizza. At least the slices should be of equal size, this way.

SUBzero Ice Cream by Subway

Who’s up for some meatball marinara, tuna or chicken tikka flavoured ice cream for dessert? Not us.

SUBzero Ice Cream by Subway

Flight-Size Lager Cans by Tennent’s

Available at all Scottish airports, the new flight-size 100ml Tennent’s lager cans are ideally shaped and sized for your hand luggage.

Flight-Size Lager Cans by Tennent’s

Coca-Cola Helium by The Coca-Cola Company

The all new helium carbonated Coca-Cola gives drinkers hilariously high pitched voices when consumed. The new recipe keeps the same fizz and great taste, but with added audible fun.

Coca-Cola Helium

Contactless Ticket Tattoo by Virgin Trains

Innovative new contactless ticket system from Virgin Trains, offering customers the opportunity to have their train ticket permanently tattooed on their body. Prevents frequent passengers from ever losing their tickets again. Upgrading to First Class could REALLY be a pain with these tattoo tickets though.

April Fool’s Day 2017 – Brand Bamboozlement

Did we miss a hilarious marketing hoax from this list? Please use our comments section below to share the promotional prank with us.

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