Ashford Plus 500ml

500ml double walled stainless steel drinks bottle with screw top lid.
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500ml double walled stainless steel drinks bottle with screw top lid.

Ashford Plus 500ml
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Print spec. - Printed 1 colour
Print area - 170 x 70mm
Lead Time - 10-15 days
Colours - Silver
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) - 50

Modern promotional metal bottles or stainless steel bottles represent an excellent way to promote your brand and showcase your unique company mindset. In addition to being quite a practical item that can keep the water cold or the coffee hot, a branded bottle enables your team to stand out of the crowd and promote your brand by simply using their daily bottles.


You can order our own promotional bottle on our site and leverage the benefits of bottles that showcase your brand. You can basically write your own message or branded text on the bottles and order as many bottles as you want. Your employees will be able to use the bottles in their daily jobs, and also use them at events, conferences or business presentations. At a large event, the simple use of one of these bottles could spike the interest of your prospects and entice them to discover more about your brand.


You can be creative and write something totally unique on the bottles. You can write your own brand philosophy or simply go with a creative message that captures prospects’ attention and makes the business partners gain more confidence in you. Additionally, a stainless steel bottle allows your company to embark in the fight against pollution and enables you to be environmentally-conscious because you are replacing plastic cups with a more nature-friendly solution. The premium screw-top lid is very easy to use and ensures the users get to enjoy a superior experience every single time they use their new bottles.


Ultimately, by investing in this product, you’re getting the respect and appreciation of your employees. You’re literally making their lives easier and you are loyalizing them to your company.


Let’s explore some of the main features of this branded bottle:


-500 ml


-Double insulated


-Can fit any message


-Silver design


Purchase this modern promotional bottle now and leverage all the astounding benefits of bottle branding.

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