Bespoke Sublimated T-Shirt

100% polyester, wicking material, sports knit, 160 GSM. Available in mixed sizes. Individually polybagged


100% polyester, wicking material, sports knit, 160 GSM. Available in mixed sizes. Individually polybagged

Bespoke Sublimated T-Shirt
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Print spec. - Printed full colour
Lead Time - 21-28 days
Colours - Multicolour
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) - 5

Whether you are a small company trying to penetrate the market or a large UK-based corporation that wants to establish itself as a proven leader in your industry, you want to leverage the benefits offered by custom full-colour t-shirts. Our custom promotional t-shirts enable you to create your own branded shirts made of high-quality polyester. The shirts are individually polybagged and have a sporty look to them that makes them excellent for event promotion.


There is no doubt that custom apparel can create brand awareness in today’s offline events. While online marketing is skyrocketing, offline events are also becoming increasingly creative. When you’re participating in an event, your employees will be representing your company and will be the face of your organization. Dressing them all in custom printed t-shirts allows you to create a unitary identity for your company and enables you to promote like a professional to prospects and potential business partners.


According to numerous marketing experts, custom colour t-shirts provide a high level of instant recognition in any setting. Whether you’re participating at an event, conference or you’re simply running a supermarket chain, employees who wear the same coloured t-shirt can stand out and drive the customers’ attention to the company logo and message.

The great news is that you can tell your branding story in a fashionable way. Our bespoke full coloured shirts are quite fancy and go well with a multitude of colours and logos. Here are some of the features of this product:

– Sports knit material that is scratch-resistant and durable


– Made of 100% high-quality polyester


– Available in numerous sized


– Works with any type of branding message


– Perfect for both small and large organizations

Purchase our custom t-shirts and take your offline marketing to the next level while ensuring your branding is at its best possible level.

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