Game of Thrones – 7 Awesome T-shirts Every Fan Must Have

The long awaited 7th series of Game of Thrones finally hit our TV and social media screens today. As big fans of GoT, the Premier team thought we’d mark this joyous occasion by showcasing seven of the best Game of Thrones T-shirts ever designed. That’s a new T-shirt for you to wear in each of the Seven Kingdoms!

(Warning: This round-up contains spoilers if you are a Game of Thrones newbie.)

Game of Thrones Hodor T-shirt

Celebrate one of GoT’s most emotional moments, when the tear-jerking secret of gentle giant Hodor was finally revealed. This soft cotton T-shirt is available in navy blue colour only. £19.99

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Jon Snow T-shirt - Crows Before Hoes

We’re not sure if this still applies, as Jon Snow has now left the Night’s Watch. Who knows what a born again, bastard of the north will get up to now that his watch is ended. This GoT Crows Before Hoes T-shirt is available in navy blue or white. £13.99

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GoT T-shirt - Funko POP White Walker

A trendy Funko POP makeover almost makes this fearsome White Walker look cute. Almost. Available in a choice of black or navy blue, this T-shirt is part of the Funko POP range of GoT tees. £14.99

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GoT T-shirt - Mother of Dragons

This Mother of Dragons T-shirt features a striking sublimation print of Daenerys from an earlier season of Game of Thrones. It’s available in sizes S to XXL. £19.99

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GoT and Kill Bill mashup T-shirt

A brilliant mashup of Game of Thrones and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1 movie. Teenage assassin Ayra Stark keeps The Bride’s iconic yellow jumpsuit, but swaps the Hanzo sword for her equally famous Needle blade. £14.95

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Game of Thrones map printed on T-shirt

Fed up with your partner, family or friends asking stupid questions while you’re trying to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones? This handy map, screen printed onto a 100% cotton T-shirt, will help them understand who’s from where in the GoT universe. Don’t forget that Wikipedia is your best pal in such circumstances, too. £14.99

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GoT Shame T-shirt

The perfect tee for a Game of Thrones fan planning a fun-filled hen or stag do. Although you’d have to go some way to top Cersei Lannister’s ever growing tally of shameful shenanigans during a single night out or weekend away. On a plus note, at least this T-shirt is ethically sourced. £17.52

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GoT in less than six minutes

Never watched the show before? Here’s a quick recap on what’s happened in the first six seasons of Games of Thrones…

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