10 Best Ever Stationery Designs

Whether it’s a business card, letterhead, compliment slip, postcard or envelope, first impressions are crucial to the success or failure of your business. That’s why beautifully designed and printed stationery can make a real difference when you are communicating with anyone outside of your organisation. Your brand identity must be eye-catching, memorable and trustworthy.

In this inspirational blog, Premier take a quick look at the latest stationery designs to impress us… and hopefully you too!

Bozarthfornell Architects

Independent art director and designer Daniel Carlsten was commissioned by Swedish architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell to create a range of stationery including business cards, folders, greeting cards, labels and sketchpads. The logo design, a fusion of Andreas’ two surnames, aims to express Bozarthfornell Architects as both an individual consultant and a collective brand.

Bozarthfornell Architects stationery

Poster tube, postcard and more stationery

Cardboard mailing boxes

Images Credit: Daniel Carlsten


Design studio Bunch produced this colourful visual identity for Cerovski, a print boutique based in Zagreb, Croatia. The branding extends beyond business cards, envelopes, folders, letterheads, personalised diaries and other stationery all the way through to promotional mugs, tote bags and window stickers. There’s even a Cerovski-branded car! Having a style guide with design guidelines for your brand makes life a lot simplier, especially if you start working with a new designer or agency in the future. Bunch’s other clients include Coca Cola, Diesel, HBO, Rolex and Sony PlayStation.

Cerovski compliment cards

Cerovski compliment cards

Cerovski business cards packaging

Cerovski promotional mugs

Cerovski promotional window stickers

Cerovski branded car

Images Source: Bunch Design


Designers Anonymous produced the stationery, livery, environmental graphics and trade show marketing materials for Ecopod, an environmentally-friendly ‘glamping’ holiday resort in the Scottish Highlands. Instead of specifying a brand colour, Designers Anonymous created a seasonal palette of natural colours for the branding. The Avant Garde typeface was used to echo the dome shape in Ecopod’s new logo.

Ecopod logo colours

Ecopod A4 letterheads

Ecopod promotional umbrella

Ecopod marketing materials

Images Source: Designers Anonymous


Manchester design agency Fieldwork produced this simple visual identity. It’s flexible enough to work across any project, from proposals and invoices through to websites and social media. Fieldwork’s minimalist letterpress stationery has been die cut on GF Smith stock.

Fieldwork stationery

Fieldwork A4 letterhead closeup

Fieldwork business card closeup

Fieldwork poster tube closeup

Images Source: Fieldwork

From Cologne With Love

Reminding us that stationery isn’t always just about letterheads and compliment slips, From Cologne With Love is a fun stationery set from a German graphic design agency known as Are We Designer.  The range includes address labels, stickers and rubber stamps to put on envelopes and parcels sent out by the company.

From Cologne With Love stationery

Printed stickers

Images Source: Are We Designer

Fundacion Capital

Bees, nature’s symbols of hard work and organisation, inspired the design team at Anagrama to create this yellow and black corporate branding for Fundacion Capital, a non-profit organisation helping to eliminate poverty in Latin America. In addition to a full complement of stationery – including address labels, business cards, envelopes, folders, letterheads, notebooks, postcards and sticky notes – Fundacion Capital’s vibrant branding has also extended to other promotional items such as pencils, mugs and bags.

Fundacion Capital stationery

Fundacion Capital stationery closeup

Fundacion Capital business cards

Promotional bag

Images Source: Anagrama


North London design studio Proud Creative kept it simple for Incite’s rebrand. “We drew on the distinctive combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques in which Incite excel,” reveal the team. “We love clients that are looking for design solutions grounded in solid strategic thinking.”

Incite notebook

Incite business cards

Incite A4 letterheads

Images Source: Proud Creative

Loveland Aleworks

Manual, a design and branding studio based in San Francisco, perfectly reflected an independent microbrewery’s passion for craft beer with this visual identity. The key focus was to marry the old and new of Loveland Aleworks, through the use of retro materials like plywood posters and letterpress beer mats.

Loveland Aleworks stationery

loveland-Letterpress cardboard beer mats

Promotional T-shirt

Images Source: Manual

Pan Architekci

Polish graphic design firm Zupagrafika were inspired by Pantone Colour Swatches when they designed the stationery for Warsaw-based Pan Architekci.

Pan Architekci business cards

Pan Architekci A4 letterheads

Promotional cotton shopper bag

Images Source: Zupagrafika


Hey, we couldn’t really publish a blog about cool stationery without mentioning our own! Premier’s brand guidelines specify black, lime green, silver and yellow as our primary colours for everything we use to promote ourselves. As for the stationery, Premier’s business cards are printed on 350gsm silk card, soft touch laminated on both sides, then die cut to shape. The company’s letterheads and compliment slips also feature a curved shape on the bottom righthand side to help keep a consistent look and feel across our entire range of stationery items.


Premier stationery starter pack

Image Source: Premier Print & Promotions

All Things Stationery

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