Beware of Buying Counterfeit Power Banks

Power Banks are a quick and convenient way to extend the battery life of our mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers when we are away from the office or home. But how do you know if the Power Bank you are currently using is a fake or real?

In this informative guide, Premier Print & Promotions will explain the dangers of buying counterfeit Power Banks and how to discover if you are mistakenly using any right now.

Counterfeit Power Banks – The Dangers

The disadvantages of using a counterfeit or fake Power Bank are usually just a bad performance from the device or it simply not working at all. However, in the most extreme cases, their use can cause severe, even life-threatening, complications.

You can permanently damage your phone or laptop with a low quality Power Bank that doesn’t conform to the expected power standards. But when they are very badly built, a counterfeit Power Bank will even catch fire or explode. Serious injuries can happen if the Power Bank’s battery explodes in your hand or pocket.

What can go wrong with a Power Bank if it is faulty –

  • Charging speed very slow
  • Fails after very limited number of uses
  • Overheating
  • Ignite and explode suddenly
  • Risk of serious injuries


Counterfeit Power Banks – The Giveaways

Worryingly, nearly 50% of the Power Banks out on the market today are estimated to be fake, counterfeit or faulty. The more comforting news is that’s still possible to quickly tell the good from the bad, once you know exactly what to look out for.

How to spot the differences between a real and fake Power Bank –

  • Poor branding
  • The product should look nice and clean with no scratches, dents, rust or burns
  • No deformed, broken or missing parts
  • Does the LED indicator or button work or not?
  • Poor quality accessories such as the charging cable
  • Function check. Is your device and the Power Bank itself being charged – both speedily and fully?


Another important thing to note is that the capacity of the battery is dependent on physical size. A small sized Power Bank with high rated capacity frequently means that it’s also a fake.

Double checking the certification and technical standard documentation is another way to ensure your Power Bank is a quality product that is absolutely safe for use by everyone.

Look out for the following certifications/technical standards – your Power Bank should have all of them!

  • EN60950 -1:2006 + A22013 (Electrical Product Usage Safety Test)
  • IEC/EN 62133:2012 (Battery Safety Test)
  • UN38.3 (Ensure air transport safety of cargo containing lithium-ion batteries)
  • EMC EN 55022:2010/EN 55024:2010/A1:2015 (Immunity tests and measurements of electrostatic discharges)
  • CE Marking (Declaration of Conformity)
  • ROHS 2011/65/EU (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)
  • MSDS (Master Safety Data Sheet)


Power Banks – The Best Way To Buy Them

Still worried? The easiest way to steer clear of counterfeit or faulty Power Banks is by only purchasing through reputable suppliers such as Premier Print & Promotions.

Our recommended Top 10 aspects for choosing a suitable Power Bank for promotional use are –

  • Size/capacity
  • Power output
  • Number of USB ports
  • Cables included
  • Power input
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Certification
  • Product design
  • Branding area
  • Not forgetting the all-important No. 11 – a great price!


The optimum type of Power Bank for you should be able to ensure at least one full charge for your device.

Premier’s range of Promotional Power Banks can be viewed on our website. If you need further help or advice about Power Banks or any other promotional tech products, please call our expert team on 01376 574670 or email

Special thanks to our manufacturing partners and Premier’s office in China for their assistance with this blog article.

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