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The British Promotional Merchandise Association StepForward Sustainability Pledge


Our industry is embracing sustinability, changing the way we work and the work we make.


Why does our industry need a Pledge?


As the global fight against climate change intensifies, businesses and consumers are paying greater attention to their environmental impact. According to a 2022 Global Sustainability Survey*, 56% of UK consumers rank sustainability as a top five value driver.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets are crucial in delivering long-term benefits and business growth. To manage the risks and opportunities of ESG, embedding sustainability within our products, operations and in the communities in which we serve, we are taking the BPMA StepForward Pledge.

The StepForward Pledge is a British Promotional Merchandise Association led initiative helping members take proactive steps to improve their sustainability performance, accelerating the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for the industry.


By taking the StepForward Pledge we:


·      Join a network of forward-thinking businesses helping the industry transition to a low carbon future

·      Demonstrate to customers, staff and local community we are a business committed to supporting the transition to net zero 

·      Help raise the profile and relevance of the promotional merchandise industry; addressing climate change and environmental challenges


The StepForward pledge is supported by our Sustinability Manifesto and our Sustainability Pledges.


Premier’s Sustainability Manifesto


At Premier we believe it is everybody’s responsibility to look after our planet. That includes our suppliers, our staff and our customers. We also realise this is not a perfect world, but every action for the positive makes a difference.

We are an ISO14001 certified organisation, which means we have an environmental management system to control the impact of our operations on the environment.

Alongside our product offering we employ a variety of practices to reduce our impact including:

·      Our workforce is climate positive through a carbon offset scheme.

·      Our team are highly trained in product and branding methods to give the best possible advice.

·      In an industry first, we have developed our Carbon Calculator and will offer all customers the option to offset the impact of their orders.

·      Our energy comes from renewable sources.

·      We align with, and promote, members of our supply chain that hold the same ethics as us.

·      Our marketing materials and packaging are recycled and/or recyclable.

·      All our cleaning materials are plant based.

·      The management drive electric vehicles.

·      Our office waste is segmented and recycled with ZERO waste going to landfill.

·      We are a paperless office.

·      We use LED low-energy lighting.

·      We use recycled consumables (like loo paper!) 



Premier’s Sustainability Pledges 22/23


We pledge:

·      to plant a tree for EVERY SINGLE ORDER we receive.

·      to continue to work towards carbon neutrality by 2035.

·      to match fund any estimated carbon offset costs using our Carbon Calculator.

·      to achieve 100% carbon neutral domestic deliveries by 2024

·      to expand our Premier - Earth Positive range



Check out Premier - Earth Positive to find out how you can make a difference.