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Premier bag the Briman Award

25th January 2023. The British Promotional Merchandise Association annual awards.


Not only did Premier come runner up for Distributor Of The Year, we also bagged the Briman Award in recognition of our support for British manufactured promotional products.


Yeah, Ryan looks smug AF, but other than him, and maybe his mum, who actually cares?! And more importantly, what does it mean for our customers?


Premier have long been advocates of British manufacturing. Not least because it meant we could combine factory visits with wine-fuelled evenings out with their proprietors. But the benefits of British made merch are more salient now than ever. Additionally, those relationships forged in the early hours, secure the best service, the best prices and the most favours for our customers.


British manufacturing represents the pinnacle of quality, speed, flexibility, sustainability and reliability across the merchandise world. By championing these products we can offer our customers unique, innovative ideas, slash lead-times and reduce minimums whilst supporting the economy to boot.


When you have witnessed the glint in the eye of a hair-brained inventor or listened intently to a factory owner talk passionately, and at great length, about their vision, promoting them and their range becomes easy. Every order placed with them prompts a little, tiny dance of joy. Because each one signifies a vote for the products that have cost them blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights.


So, dear reader, our relentless banging of the British drum will continue loud and proud, because sharing these benefits with our customers allow them to look good and do good. And if we pick up the odd award along the way then all the better!