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Jack's work experience blog

My brief time at Premier Print & Promotions had both been a useful insight and an eye widening experience in the full-time working world.


During my time I observed and spoke with all aspects of the business. Whilst I was doing hands on experience, I’ve learnt many new skills and knowledge which you wouldn’t learn in the classroom.


One of the clear ethics of Premier I instantly recognised is how serious the company takes staff welfare; I spoke to all the staff here at Premier and they all said how they are really looked after and feel welcome in the office, they are treated with respect and as a person rather than a bum on a seat. I felt the same way during my time at Premier, feeling welcome and looked after.


I could really see how Premier strive towards being as environmentally friendly as possible, where this varied from plants and foliage throughout the office, or recycled coasters and even a lot of recycling bins everywhere, Premier definitely are environmentally ethical.


I just want to say a massive thank you again to all the team treating me as one of their own, and a special thanks to the management team for allowing me to come in and bother everyone. 



Jack C.

30th October 2023