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Premier stand with Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war, our entire team supporting Ukraine.

Premier was able to deliver 16 pallets of the necessary items to the party heading to Poland.

At Christmas, we gave bags of goodies to local Ukrainian refugee children in Colchester.


A year has passed and we still feel the need to help Ukraine.

From our Ukrainian colleague Yana, we often hear horror stories about Ukraine's situation.

All her family and friends had to live there and saw the effects of the war on a daily basis.


After receiving a lot of new clothes, we decided to help Ukrainians who had lost their homes in the war.

Now we want to give the floor to Yana, who will share the results of our successes:


 "I am very happy to thank our entire Premier team for their constant support and help. We did a lot of good deeds together, and I would like to share the results.

When the war started I packed our whole life into one suitcase and drove away from the fighting. I was forced to leave my favorite job in Ukraine. In addition, I could not freely communicate in English. 

It was only with hope and a desire to find a job and build a new life for us here that I had nothing more to offer.

Due to the fact that my son could not be placed in the after-school club, and I couldn't work full-time.


I was in despair.


Premier came my way during the hardest time of my life!

Honestly, it was a coincidence that completely changed my son's and my life profoundly!

In desperation, I posted an ad in the Facebook group looking for help with my child.


And Ryan answered my message...

He invited me for an interview in the office near the village.

It was a shock for me.

After all the rejections I didn't believe what was actually happening on with me.


My first impression of the interview was that I entered a bright, cozy office filled with many cool people. It was clear that they enjoyed their work.


After this interview, I had the feeling that I would be gently pushed aside again.

This is because I understood that to get such a nice job you need experience and to speak English well.

But Ryan gave me a chance and believed in me as well as the whole team that supports me and my son every day in my life.

The reason I'm writing and crying is that I feel safe here and enjoy every day at work. Is it possible?


I love Premier so much and I can say with confidence that all their charitable deeds are from the bottom of their hearts.

Together we prepared gifts for Ukrainian children for Christmas!

Imagine how wonderful it is to be involved in this process!