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Think inside the box.

It’s no coincidence that since workers have been confined to home, merch suppliers have invented ways to get their goodies through a letterbox.


That’s not to say we’ve all gone a bit “Amazon” though. These boxes are crafted and curated for some very special purposes. 


The perfect storm of the global pandemic, lockdown and working from home has meant wellness, mental health and engagement is tougher than ever to maintain.


And whilst the term “reaching-out” is about as sickening as “retching-out” it’s actually pretty apt. Right now even the strongest, most positive people may need some light relief or 5 minutes break from all the crazy. 


So let’s look at our 10 why’s and how’s of maintaining that all important contact.


  1. Send a text or email. It’s free. You might get some honesty from behind the keyboard. But it’s pretty lame. You can probably do better than that.

  2. Hand write and post a note or letter. The personal touch speaks volumes. It’s low cost. But a time drain. 

  3. So the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly”…. But the the same applies to the fairer sex too. Food and drink by post is deep rooted corporate gifting. There is nothing better to break the monotony than a mouthful of delicious chocolate!

  4. We’ve got almost a year’s practice of working from home. But that’s not to say some new headphones, a USB hub or a webcam not from circa 1990 would be appreciated. 

  5. The breakfast meeting. Albeit easier now you can do it in Pjs from the waist down, why not deliver a breakfast box to each member to nibble while on mute!

  6. The personal touch goes a long way. Branded candles, homeware, reasons to keep active… all perfect as a “just because” gift to an appreciated customer or employee.

  7. Make a date. Get the team together for a virtual social. Gin tasting, party games, muder mystery, dress up - all good ways to unwind, relax and reconnect. 

  8. National days make a perfect reason to treat people. Valentine's flowers, pancake competition, Easter egg hunt, staycation survival kit..

  9. Individually personalised sets of stationery or drinkware feel infinitely more valuable than a mass-mailed whojamaflip.

  10. Treat the long suffering partners instead. Whilst mum or dad are beavering away locked in the spare bedroom their significant other could be juggling kids, home school, a job, the cooking, cleaning and shopping… who’s the real hero? And how lost would you be without their full attention all day. Spa in a box. Massage kit. Bath bombs. Ear plugs, Valium. All gratefully received by the homemaker. 


Let’s not forget the box itself. You can go stealth mode to surprise the recipient once they break it open or go all-out Rupaul style with exciting theatre, ribbons and bows.


Bottom line, people like to be remembered. People need interaction. People need a break. Whatever you choose to do, do something. If you want help with that, slip in to our DMs. If not, at least slip into theirs.