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Value for Money

Does “value” still come from high volume, low cost? Or do sustainable, considered products work harder for your money?


We know in today’s world that budgets are tighter than ever and that value for money is key.


Whilst there’ll always be a place for them, cheap promotional items are not the only way to get the best value.


Now more than ever there is incredible value in how your business is perceived when you switch to eco branded products.


Cost effective printed items may mean higher volumes and sometimes a reprint is the easy option - but coming over to the “green” side can result in greater impressions, longer “shelf-life” and greater respect from the audience.


Making the switch to sustainable promotional products doesn't mean you need to invest in water-powered clocks, solar-powered torches or socks made from reclaimed fishing nets (which, by the way, are all available!). Simply swapping to a recycled pen next time you need to reorder is an easy way to start your journey towards being a certified bunny-hugger.


Because in a world of plastic pens, an eco version with a definitive purpose and story will have a much greater impression on its user than its throwaway doppelganger.


Recently, there has been a huge increase in companies that are pledging to meet eco friendly targets; being an environmentally friendly company has many long term advantages. Including an ‘eco brief’ in your marketing strategy shows that you have made a conscience decision to become more environmentally aware.


An example of this is global travel company Thomas Cook. They had a pledge towards a more sustainable future with their #NoPlaceForPlastic campaign. To protect beach holiday destinations by reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, Thomas Cook pledged to: 


  • Remove 70 million single use plastic items across the business.
  • Substitute disposable items with those made from recycled plastic, biodegradable or compostable options.
  • Ensure when plastic is used it is recycled, where possible and to improve recycling and waste capabilities across travel destinations.
  • Use their size to influence customers, employees, suppliers and the wider travel industry to raise awareness on this issue.
  • Premier Print & Promotions are often asked by our customers for eco alternatives for some of the most popular promotional products on the market.


We can help you get more out of your budget by suggesting products from our budget “Pop” range, as well as talk you through the huge variety of eco we have available from “Great & Green”. Our sales team are the experts in delivering the best options for you and your customers.


The Senator Super Hit Polished Ballpen is the budget twin of the Senator Super Hit Bio. The Super Hit Polished is great if you’re looking for printed pens on an express delivery service, it’s stylish and available in a variety of colours to meet your needs. The Senator Super Hit Bio is the eco-friendly version, made from 100% biodegradable material. Using sugarcane in the production process means they are 100% compostable according to EN 13432. Great for making a real eco statement for your business or brand.


The classic Americano travel mug is rigid, leak proof, looks great and is available in a huge range of colours, it offers a large branding area and is made in the UK. Looking at the eco equivalent of this we see that products made from bamboo fibre are a new trend in the market. Naturally organic bamboo fibre is one of the most sustainable and environmentally responsible materials on the market today due to its fast growth and use of minimal resources. Bamboo products are biodegradable, when you are finished with the product it could be placed in the ground and naturally break down in the soil. Premier Print & Promotions offer a wide range of branded bamboo products that can be both cost effective and are increasingly on trend.


Does anybody really use CD’s anymore? One great eco-friendly alternative to a standard pencil is recycled CD case pencils. They are available in a huge variety of colours, are UK made and can be delivered on an express service. Standard Pencils give great bang for buck, are available on an express delivery service and slightly cheaper than their eco counterparts.


Cost vs Conscience. If cost is king and volume is key we’ve got your back. Similarly, if you need a hand to hold whilst taking the first step on the eco ladder then we’re ready for you!