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The topic that’s on everybody’s lips right now.


But why is promoting well being in your organisation important and how can you do it?


Here’s 7 reasons why:

  1. Wellbeing improves staff health behaviors. In other words, if you feel good, you’re more inclined to look after yourself. Eat well, work out, chill out. 

  2. Wellbeing reduces health risks. Similarly, if you’re looking after yourself, you’re less likely to get ill. Simples. 

  3. As a result of the above, Healthcare costs and impact on the NHS are reduced. Healthcare and life policies are lower. 

  4. Wellbeing improves productivity. It’s proven that poor life choices such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise significantly reduces productivity.

  5. Absence is reduced by improved wellbeing. If you’re feeling rubbish about yourself or you’re stressed to the eyeballs you are more likely to go sick, bunk off or play hooky!

  6. Wellbeing is infectious. Recruitment and retention are both easier with a happy team.

  7.  Wellbeing builds and maintains good morale, creativity, problem solving and spontaneity.


And here’s some ways you can promote wellbeing:

  1. Practice and promote selfcare. Healthy body, healthy mind. Prevention is better than cure.

  2. Chill Winston. Take breaks. Destress.

  3. Maintain work-life balance. Working from home makes it easy to pop on the laptop or scroll yourself into a linkedin coma. 

  4. Communicate. Zoom, Whatsapp, letter, a walk round the block, a public outpouring of emotion on Facebook. Whatever it takes. It’s good to talk. 

  5. Employee support. Professional help is out there. Some of it is even free. If you need help, ask for it. Don’t suffer in silence. 

  6. Practice mindfulness. It is scientifically proven to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and ease anxiety.


Lastly, here’s our tips on things you can give to promote wellbeing:


Colouring books for adults are proven to release tension and stress. They can be supplied with generic colouring patterns or customised to your industry or theme. They can be made with as few or many pages as required to achieve your budget. We can supply them with pencils or pens for colouring. The books can also include corporate messages, tips or details on wellbeing. They are also a perfect size for posting.


Our bullet journal is packed with pages to document your life, thoughts and feelings. Journalling is the new big thing and recording your thoughts is a method used in CBT for mindfulness. The covers and pages can be personalised. We can also include special pages with your custom information. They can also be made in recycled material. Made in the UK.


The handy can. Wrapper can be completely personalised according to your design. The intrigue of popping the lid for the first time to reveal the hand picked content is very exciting. The content can be branded if required or supplied plain to reduce cost. Choose from a huge range of content options or even provide your own product to pack inside. Once used, the can makes a handy desk pen tidy. Adding a calendar to the design makes it year-long useful and maximises budget.


Sometimes a touch of luxury and ten minutes away is just what the doctor ordered. And doing it with a steaming cup of hot chocolate takes the prize. This wooden spoon encased in chocolate and topped with marshmallows stirred in to hot milk makes an indulgent smooth chocolate drink. The header card can be printed with your message and the spoon is useful for fishing out warm soggy marshmallows!


Made in the UK. The mental health essentials kit is a little brown tube with an eco feel packed with goodies to help stress melt away. The tube and content can be branded. The kit includes a sleep balm and sleep mask, relaxing foam bath and pulse point roll-on. The content can also be pick and mixed or adapted according to your audience. A miniature bottle of Gordons Gin can also be includes for that extra special bonus! hic!


Growing plants is not only satisfying but also a great way to de-stress! These eco friendly pots are supplied with a soil pellet ready for rehydration and a pack of seeds, from a huge choice including edibles, herbs or flowers. They are delivered with a card wrapper including instructions that can be branded in full colour with your design. Small packets of seeds and seed-stix are also available at a lower price point.


Made in the UK from sustainably sourced timber this range of beautifully crafted wooden items can be laser engraved or printed with your message. Products include vases, coasters, clocks, desk tidies and message cubes. They feature natural grain and are polished to a high quality, tactile finish. Make your next give-away something memorable, sustainable and support British manufacturing at the same time.