The Bumpaa Range.


In the wake of the Covid pandemic a new brand was born. Queue Bumpaa. The brainchild of successful garment decorator in the UK, Duncan. He spotted the gap in the market for a UK made, reusable, washable, legitimately certified and most importantly, brandable range of face coverings. 

After some serious research and scrutiny the clear winner was ViralOff® by Polygiene. This would be the treatment the fabric would receive to give the products their antiviral properties.

Here’s the science – ViralOff® is proven to reduce tested viruses by over 99% on the material in two hours as per international standard ISO18184:2019 (SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1). 

The active ingredient has been tested against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS), and in all cases, has achieved 99% levels of reduction. 

So how long does it last? The treatment has passed domestic wash tests for 15 cycles. They can also be cold hand washed to prolong life. But let’s be honest, we just stuff them in a coat pocket between uses right? The benefit with Bumpaa built-in protection is that after two hours of languishing in a pocket, it’s 99% virus free and ready to return to battle again. 

Is it safe on skin? Of course. The treatment, print or fabric does not interfere with the natural balance of the skin. The lightweight, breathable fabric is comfortable on delicate skin.

The first product launched was the face mask. Available from stock in 14 fantastic colours or customised in full colour from only 50pcs and delivered within a few days. They are presented on a header card which includes care instructions and the features and benefits. There are two slots for your ears, meaning that one size fits most and you can chose the most comfortable fit.

The mask itself is seriously lightweight, comfortable and wearing it is like slipping into a pair of PJs after a long day. They have been the choice of national sports teams, Formula 1, financial institutions and highstreet retailers. 

The Bumpaa Snood followed soon after. Same science, different product. A favourite with sports people, motorcyclists and the construction industry the Bumpaa Snood is a tubular fabric design available in 12 colours or personalised from 50pcs. Its snug fit and breathable nature means it is comfortable to wear, warm around the neck and perfect for slipping up and down when protection is needed. Ideal for hitting the shops!

Most recently the Bumpaa antiviral fabric gloves have launched. Available in black, in two sizes and featuring the same antiviral properties these “handy” gloves reduce the need for hand sanitiser, keep your hands warm and prevent contact with contaminated surfaces to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. They’re also touchscreen enabled meaning using smart devices is still possible without having to take them off every time you need to answer that Whatsapp message or post a impromptu tiktok.

The other huge benefit of reusable face coverings is they have considerably less impact on the environment than disposable face masks.

Not only does the Bumpaa range offer a lower carbon footprint over its lifetime it also means less single use plastic is being generated in the form of disposable masks. 

The additional benefit of Bumpaa products over reusable face coverings is the reduced need to wash Bumpaa face coverings owing to its antiviral properties. Saving water and chemicals. 

Finally the return on investment of Bumpaa Antiviral masks and snoods is significantly greater than that of disposable or reusable masks. Meaning using a Bumpaa product to protect your employees could save £236 per head per year. Not to mention the added benefit of the marketing impressions potential of a branded mask over a plain old disposable. 

So, in summary, this range is a real box ticker. Well done Duncan. We love your range. We’re still slightly curious why its called Bumpaa… but nevertheless, it’s got our vote.

If you are interested in a Bumpaa product please talk to a member of the Premier team. We can even provide a Premier branded sample for your evaluation.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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