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Lets think about the environment!


We are all aware that what we do impacts the environment and people are starting to make purchasing decisions based on that. Some of our customers are looking for ‘eco’ solutions for their promotional goods requirements and for our suppliers in the Lanyard business this generally means we ask about Bamboo, recycled polyester and PET. These products generally come from the Far East and are usually printed using solvent based inks.
A tick in the ‘eco’ box needs to consider more than just the material that a product is made from – this is really important.


Flying anything 5000 miles from China is not great for the environment and selecting Bamboo or PET as an ‘eco’ solution is not always going to be as eco as you think!





So – here’s why we think we have a better ‘eco’ proposition for you as we work with one particular lanyard supplier who lives by the following rules;



Why not buy UK made products that are also made from recycled plastics?

Learn more about how these bioplastics are made here:


Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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