Why Buying British is Best!

As of last year, just over 75% of British people now feel it is important to buy from British manufacturers. The global manufacturing landscape is changing. Change in the quality of overseas products has encouraged us Brits to look closer to home, supporting the local economy as well as many other benefits.

Availability of jobs in Britain has become a big concern in recent years. British made products support both the UK economy and inflate the job market. We should all be individually aware of our carbon footprint, even in areas you might not have previously considered. One of the biggest benefits of buying British is helping our environment by reducing our global imports and exports.

As much as overseas trade can often be seen as beneficial, especially for large companies, they are often met with unexpected hidden costs from exchange rates and sometimes forced to order more than what is required. Buying British means no obstacles, no excessive bills and the flexibility of low minimum order quantities and an on-going supply chain! British manufacturing and distribution vastly improve our carbon footprint.

We are proud to say that our Managing Director, Jamie Marshall, is a winner of the Richard Dyson Award. The Richard Dyson Award recognizes the most active distributor in promoting UK manufacturers. The award was recently sponsored by Briman and presented to Premier Print & Promotions in December 2017 for their contribution to the promotion of UK manufacturers.

The Briman Group was formed to support British Manufacturers of promotional products. Their main aim is to Promote British Manufacturing.

Briman offers distributors many reasons to buy British; they explain that Buying British allows more flexibility, freedom and a stress-free process. Briman partners will always offer distributors quick production times, simple communication, excellent service and a strong relationship after completion.

Premier Print & Promotions offer a range of UK made products, we believe that supporting British manufacturers and distributors is important to our business and important to helping our own customers as well.


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