Dentists’ Provident

Video Testimonial


Sarah Bradbury, head of marketing & communications at Dentists’ Provident, reveals the reasons why she’s continued to be a Premier customer for over 20 years.


I’ve used Jamie and the Premier Print & Promotions team for more years than I care to mention. You might be asking why, well you probably are if you’re watching this video. I would say it would be summed up in a few points:

1. Reliability – They never have ever missed a deadline.

2. Creativity – However random and weird the brief is that I give them, they always come back with ideas.

3. Professionalism – Whether it’s using their team or bringing in external experts to do presentations, they always come up with the goods and they are commercially aware.

4. Commercially Aware – So whatever budget or timescales I give them, they will always come back right on the nose.

5. Above all… They are a lovely bunch of people to work with and I’d highly recommend you use them.

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