7 Awesome Clean For The Queen Promotional Ideas

Did you know about 2.25 million pieces of litter like takeaway food packaging, cigarette butts and chewing gum are dropped on the streets of the UK every day. In an attempt to clear up this unsightly mess, Clean for The Queen is the innovative new anti-litter campaign to keep Britain tidy in time for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday this year.

Councils, schools, businesses, clubs and volunteer groups across the country are being asked to go out on the streets and remove any rubbish in their local area. But even if your business or organisation is keen to do something on behalf of this worthy cause, how can you persuade other people to do their bit on the day? This is where a slick marketing and promotional campaign can literally help you clean up!

7 awesome Clean for The Queen promotional ideas

Leaflets and Posters

Even in this digital age, traditional print marketing such as leaflets and posters still produce great results. Make sure to include a strong call to action in your flyer and poster design. “Vacuum Your Village” and “Spic and Span Ma’Am” are just a couple of the jokey slogans recommended by the organisers of the Clean for The Queen campaign. Below this, include details of the event you are running and let people know how they can sign-up and participate. The Clean for The Queen website has artwork and other useful resources that you can utilise for your own promotional materials.

If you don’t know anyone with good graphic design skills, hire a professional to do the design work for you. Every promotional item and piece of marketing material must be visually striking. It’s so important to make a powerful first impression.

Clean for The Queen promotional poster

Once your flyers and posters have been printed, ensure they are thoroughly distributed around your local community. Shops, schools, sports clubs, surgeries and supermarkets are ideal places to start, but feel free to also try other locations that don’t simply begin with the letter ‘S’!

Promotional Gifts

Keeping your event in the minds of people is another key marketing tactic that will work. It’s also cheaper than you might think. Promotional items like pens, mugs, badges, logo bugs, stickers and fridge magnets are perfect for this job.

Clean for The Queen promotional pen

Clean for The Queen promotional mug

Clean for The Queen promotional stickers

Local Media

Prior to your Clean for The Queen event, phone up your local newspaper and ask to speak with their news or features reporter. Let them know what you are doing and ask if they would be interested in running an article about it. Additionally, the newspaper may have a dedicated section to publicise upcoming community events such as yours.

Similarly, your local supermarket will probably have a notice board where you can place your Clean for The Queen poster or flyer. Are there any bloggers or online forums covering your local area who could help with publicity? Nearer to the actual day of your event, it’s also worth contacting any local radio stations to see if they’d be willing to mention it.

Social Media

Remember how the impromptu #riotcleanup campaign on Facebook and Twitter managed to instantly mobilise hundreds of volunteers to help clean up the damage caused by the London riots back in the summer of 2011? Why not use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to reach your own local community? Don’t forget to use the #CleanForTheQueen hashtag in many, or all, of your social media posts.

Promotional Activity On The Day

Promotional clothing such as T-shirts, caps and wrist bands can all be branded with your own logo and message of support towards the Clean for The Queen project. These could also be part of a welcome pack for people who volunteer for your community’s tidy up event. Gloves, beanies and high visibility waistcoats will prove very useful during the actual cleaning tasks.

Clean for The Queen promotional T-shirt

Clean for The Queen promotional beanie hat

If you have a limited budget, you can ask for a small sign-up fee, or sell these items on the day, to assist with the overall cost. Sponsorships from likeminded businesses or organisations will spread the costs more evenly too.

If you are organising lots of people, a fully branded gazebo will quickly provide a handy central meeting point and base to operate from over the course of the day.

Clean for The Queen promotional gazebo

Take plenty of photos and videos of everybody getting involved on the day. You’ll want to immediately add these to your social media pages and, perhaps, send out a thank you newsletter to your volunteers and sponsors after the event.

Clean For The Queen

Interested in being one of the litterati volunteers for this Great British rake off? ‘Litter blitzes’ are taking place throughout the UK over the next few months, with a national Clean for The Queen event being held in the first weekend of March. Organisations and individuals can visit www.cleanforthequeen.org now to find out more. We’d love to hear how you get on with your promotional campaign!

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