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An Eco-Warrior’s take on coffee cups


Being in Marketing within the promotional merchandise industry means I get to see all of the new, fantastic products that get released. Supporting my true love of coffee, I have recently received three travel mugs that all appealed to my inner eco warrior. 


We have seen a massive shift in the materials used to make promotional items as well as ensuring we are doing everything we can at every stage to avoid using new, virgin plastics. I am lucky enough to have received 3 of the leading eco conscious coffee cups and wanted to jot down my thoughts on them all in the hope I might give you some insight into the usability of sustainable products. 


Being an eco warrior myself I jumped at the chance of combining my love for coffee with an eco solution to the massive waste produced by coffee shops. 101 billion single-use cups go to landfill each year. Large coffee chains like Starbucks for example offer a 25p discount per drink for bringing your own cup. Imagine the difference we could make… 




Total score – 35/50

Made from: Bamboo fibre/silicone lid & grip
Weight: Lightweight (135g)
Price: From £7.75 each
Dishwasher safe: Yes

These beautiful creatures popped up late 2018 and have changed the way many companies approached their marketing throughout 2019. Premier Print & Promotions Ltd have seen a massive growth in E-Coffee cup orders and received some great feedback, widely being loved by the target audience.

Appearance – 8 
The bold range of colours the E-Coffee cup comes in are set to compliment your brand. They have many trendy colour combinations and patterns available, you really can let these cups do the work for you. 

Feel – 7
The cup is smooth and well manufactured. It has a very high quality feel to it although, something about the bamboo fibre body of this cup makes it feel odd to me. The matt body is smooth and gives it that high-end appeal. The silicon grip is fantastic for being able to hold it when filled with a hot drink.

The lid – 8
The silicon lid doesn’t look like it should do the job… but it does, and does it well! I have had less leaks with the E-Coffee cup, just the slight risk of the lid coming off as it isn’t very securely fitted. The softer malleable spout making it much easier to drink out of, especially when on the move.

Taste – 5
I have scored this one in the middle as I am a bit unsure. The bamboo cup doesn’t give off any sort of flavour or smell that I can identify or should affect the coffee, but it just isn’t my favourite to drink out of. It tends to make my coffee bland and tasteless. 

Branding Opportunity – 7
There are 3 options for branding on the E-Coffee cup. The actual mug itself as well as a slightly bigger print area on the silicon band. 




Total score – 38/50

Made from: Recycled PP plastic
Weight: Lightweight (116g)
Price: From £3.85 *cheapest
Dishwasher safe: Yes (top rack)

This game changing double-walled insulated tumbler with twist-on lid arrived on the scene brand new for 2020. Made from 100% recycled material in a factory that has zero-to-landfill waste, in the UK! They are an exact replica of the Americano thermal mug, but made entirely out of recycled PP plastic. Due to there being a finite amount of waste materials on hand to create these mugs they are set to a maximum order quantity of 2,000 pieces per customer and only available in black due to the recycling process.    

Appearance – 7/10
The black body and lid match perfectly on the Recycled Americano meaning it looks seamless and stylish. Out of the mugs under review this one probably looks the cheapest, which is ok as it is the cheapest by far!

Feel – 6/10
This cup being as lightweight as it is tips in its favour for easy transportation, but I prefer a bit of weight to a cup. The lack of grip means it does get slightly hotter to hold than the others. The textured outside has the feel you would expect of plastic.

The lid – 8/10
The hard, moulded lid is exactly what you expect and need from a travel coffee cup. No gimmicks, just efficient. I have had a few leaks with the lid not quite being screwed on right but as long as you get the thread right you will have no issues. 

Taste – 8/10
The recycled pp plastic does not affect the taste of the contents at all. I am more than happy to use this one everyday, even at my desk to reduce the chance of spillages! 

Branding Opportunity – 9/10
A lovely large branding area on an almost matt black body makes for a great platform to show off your branding in a big way. 



Total score – 43/50

Made from: Tempered glass, silicone grip & polypropylene lid
Weight: Heavy (270g)
Price: POA
Dishwasher safe: Yes (top rack)

I actually received this one as a gift and has stood head and shoulders above the rest. The KeepCup is increasingly becoming a well known brand as the eco surge in reusable cups continues. They are made to last, and although not all of the materials are directly eco friendly, they aim to reduce the use of single use cups. The glass is recyclable, to read more about the materials they source and use click here.  KeepCup components are detachable and replaceable. Ordering replacement parts from KeepCup – lids, bands – is much more energy efficient and less wasteful than buying a whole new KeepCup.

The overall impression the keep cup gives you is elegance, class and quality. You feel assured it is going to be a quality product right from the start. The heavy tempered glass cup allows you to feel sophisticated and the press fit lid feels secure. The lid sports a unique closure seal that gives you confidence with no spillages.    

Appearance – 9/10
As previously mentioned, the KeepCup oozes sophistication and could easily take over an entire corporate office, replacing the seemingly outdated ceramic mugs as well as travel mugs. Without the lid on they serve the purpose of high end, glass coffee cups with the attractive silicone grip accenting your brand’s colours in a subtle way. 

Feel – 10/10
Yes this is the heaviest of the three under review, by twice as much, but by no means is that a bad thing! It adds to the quality feel and appearance by being glass. The KeepCup does also come as a plastic, double walled or stainless steel body. 

The lid – 8/10
This unique design allows you to cover the drinking spout, but isn’t leak proof. The slightest knock of this cup causes coffee to sneak out of the plug edges. Saying this though, I have used this one in the car for the past week and not had any major spills. The press fit lid feels securely tight with no risk of coming off accidently. 

Taste – 10/10
Coffee tastes amazing in this! Now I don’t know if this is a psychological onset from the classy style and feel to this KeepCup, or if the glass body makes a real difference. I make my filter coffee in the same way every morning so there is no explanation for the difference in taste. A quick google showed me that people have questioned the difference in taste from various vessels but found no real logical reasoning other than the aroma we take into account. 

Branding Opportunity – 6/10
The price you pay for having such a stylish cup to begin with is that the branding area is restricted to the silicon band only. If its subtle and stylish you are going for… this is the cup for you! 


In summary I am a fan of all three of these travel mugs and use them alternatively throughout the week.

On a side note: If anyone is interested in changing up their coffee game and progressing to the next level without shelling out hundreds for a fancy barista machine that takes longer to clean than any of us have time for… check out the AeroPress. It changed my life! No mess, fuss or clean up required. NB: The eco warrior in me needs to point out you can also get reusable metal mesh filters so there is zero waste besides the used coffee grounds. 

If you are stuck choosing between a few products it is always worth asking us. We have tried and tested so many products in the Premier office, we are bound to have some insight for you. Alternatively you can always request a sample through your sales executive.


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