Confectionary to promote your business?

Research by the consumer analyst Mintel ( has revealed that nearly one in six people eat chocolate every day!

• This statistic equates to approximately eight million, while 17 per cent of the population eat chocolate four to six times a week, Mintel found.
• Of those polled, only one in 20 claimed they never eat chocolate.
• £4.3bn market value 2015 .. Mintel (chocolate)
• Forecast …£6.9bn market value by 2019… Mintel

Mintel’s research found that the favourite variety was plain chocolate, which is eaten by three-quarters of Britons, while bars filled with caramel or other treats are the second most popular.

The research also discovered that there was little discrepancy when it came to the sexes and how much chocolate they consume.
Richard Ford, senior food and drink Analyst at Mintel, said:

“From the Aztecs to Willie Wonka, in both fact and fiction, cocoa and chocolate have held a special place in people’s hearts throughout the centuries. That’s no less so today – demonstrated by the fact that just a small minority of Brits say they never eat chocolate. Its status as a personal treat remains an ingrained part of consumers’ diets, despite the recent focus on the role of foods high in fat and sugar in the nation’s weight gain.”

Your promotional confectionery has applications in just about any commercial, educational or retail setting. For instance, you might pass them out at schools, corporate dinners, trade shows product launches, conferences, site visits… the possibilities are endless. When doing so, you might combine them with other offers or hand them out as bonus customer appreciation gifts. You can even use them as awards for exemplary employee performance. Many items are really cost effective to utilise and can be handed out liberally, spreading your branding far and wide amongst your target audience
Personalised confectionary as a promotional vehicle is unaffected by age, gender or demographics…. We all love it!!

So one way to win over certain sectors of your target audience is by providing them with a recognised comfort item that has a really pleasant subliminal association… It also has your branding on it! The personalisation options available depend on the item but they range from a simple one col one position branding to full CMYK print on the outer packaging, embossing on the packaging and chocolate, printed paper inserts, etc
Another advantage of promotional confectionary are that many of the containers in which this category of edible items are stored are typically reusable. Every time your promotional items are used, it increases awareness of your company name allowing you to maximise customer retention with your printed confectionary.

If you want to impress your potential customers with personalised confectionary, we offer many options, many from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, some of which have previously been unavailable to the promotional markets in the UK and Ireland.

What does it taste like?
Our range features chocolate with a cocoa content ranging from a min 32% to upwards of 40%, which is much higher when compared to the cocoa content in the best-selling chocolate bars on sale in the UK, KIT-KAT, Mars, Cadburys dairy milk, caramel etc are in nearly all cases less than 27%. We offer items such as bite-sized candies in covered glass jars, test-tubes with chocolates, sweets or even cooking spices, plastic pouches, flow wrap packages, different shaped tins, health bars And much more. Why don’t you call one of our team who can discuss your next promotion, and we will provide an option best suited to your needs, we are waiting to talk to you!

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