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Corporate Giveaways – Looking for TOP 10 Free gifts?

Everyone in this world likes something for nothing right? And why not indeed!

We have all had those free giveaway PROMOTIONAL GIFTS and GOODY BAGS from businesses and at those swanky Corporate Events, Celebrity packed Shows and Glitzy VIP parties.

But what free gift really left a lasting impression? Which corporate giveaways made a real splash?

Well, we think that’s a really good question and so here is our quick guide.

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Create a buzz!

We think the key to anyone really making their mark with people, creating a real buzz and getting everyone talking about them often lies in the quality, wackiness or usefulness of the free gifts that they receive.

In fact, in our view the famous writer William Morris once said it right. He said ‘If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’!

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Useful and Beautiful

So think along the same lines, and that’s both USEFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Try to put both together too with your corporate gifts, whether you want promotional mugs and pens or any other great promotional products, and you will be onto a real winner! This is the key to success and the key to driving your Brand and business forwards!


Here’s our TOP 10 FREE PROMOTIONAL GIFT ideas:-

  1. PERSONALISED MUGS and CUPS – Remind them of your Brand every time they drink a cuppa!
  2. TYVEK WRISTBANDS – Great for Brands events, clubs, groups and concerts.
  3. PROMOTIONAL GOODY BAGS – Fill them up with good cheer to take home.
  4. BRANDED BALLOONS – Pump your Brand up for all and sundry to see!
  5. PERSONALISED KEYRINGS – Useful and always to hand when needed.
  6. BRANDED TOTE BAGS – Turn them all into your Brand Ambassadors.
  7. PROMOTIONAL STICKY NOTES – Stick your Brand in view all over the place.
  8. BRANDED BEER MATS – Now they can raise a glass to you and your Brand too!
  9. LED KEYRING TORCH –Very handy, shine a light and illuminate your Brands Logo!
  10. USB BATTERY CHARGER POWER BANKS – When they run out of juice they know they can rely on you!


How to Boost your Brand Name

So, in a nutshell, if you want to BOOST YOUR BRAND name in the public eye then we think that promotional gifts are a truly fantastic way of doing just that. Spread the word and spread the love with our fantastic and original corporate gift ideas!


Shout our your Brand message

GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS that you are a fast growing Brand that knows how to make its mark on the world!

If you don’t shout your message out with free corporate gifts then you can rest assured that your competitors will do. Don’t let them leap ahead of you, start giving out those freebies today!


Shine brightly like a star; get in touch with Promotional Gifts to see what you are missing out on!

If you simply contact Promotional Gifts then our friendly and experienced team will happily provide useful advice regarding the best promotional products to wow all your potential new customers with! Let your star shine brightly from today!

If you have any weird and wonderful whacky gift ideas of your own then do let us know right now, we’d love to hear from you!

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