Covid Creations

So C19 has delivered a plethora of new, fancy products and technologies and we thought it would be interesting to have a little browse over some of the highlights. 


Introducing HeiQ Viroblock… a swiss technology applied to fabric to make it antibacterial and antiviral. Its washable, its OEKO-TEX certified and its hypoallergenic. This magic ingredient can be added to face masks, cushions, beanbags, tablecloths and exhibition displays – basically any branded fabric item. A game-changer for conferences and exhibitions. 

Handmade in Northampton by an ex-shoemaker these handy leather sanitiser holders ensure there is always a squirt on hand by attaching to a belt, bag or lanyard. Beautifully branded and quality made, personal hygiene has never looked so good.

The famous Americano coffee cup gets an antibacterial makeover. With the help of Biomaster the Americano Pure inhibits the growth of bacteria on its surface. For the lifetime of the branded cup. At which point, it’s recyclable. Don’t think it gets you out of doing the washing up though. 

From sunny Cornwall the Hygiene Hook was created almost overnight. Having identified a need to avoid contact with public surfaces the Bodmin boffins conjured up this handy keyring that can push, pull, click, flip, tick and poke… all without direct personal contact. This handy little promotional item can also be made in antibacterial, recycled material. Making it an all round winner.

OK, so face masks are not new. But window face masks? Maybe. The fact is, 466 million people worldwide are hearing impaired.  Lip reading is vital to communication and the present need for face coverings if hindering that. Not to mention the power of a smile to people with learning difficulties or young children. 
It’s fair to say there is a lot more bad than good as a result of the pandemic, but if these things can help us maintain some normality or make life just a little nicer then we’ll take that.


If any of these things could support your next campaign… then talk to us. 

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