Create Your Perfect Sports Bottle In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Bottle Shape

Bop Sports Bottle (500ml) – Features finger grips down one side, making it easier for you to hold.

Pulse Sports Bottle (600ml) – An eye-catching curved shape. Made from recyclable material.

Base Sports Bottle (650ml) – Ergonomic design and large branding area. A promotional best seller.

Tempo Sports Bottle (700ml) – Stylish, slimline design. Ask us about the new gloss black colour option.

Step 2 - Lid Shape

Flip Lid – Secure closure.

Dome Lid – Soft-feel mouthpiece.

Step 3 - Mix & Match Colours

Colours for the sports bottles include black, clear, translucent blue, translucent charcoal, translucent lime, translucent purple and white.

Lid colours include black, blue, green, red, translucent lime, translucent orange, translucent pink, white and yellow.

You can even mix & match the components of your lid, with 11 solid colours and 7 translucent colours to choose from.

Step 4 - Brand It

Get your logo on the go and be seen everywhere!

Step 5 - Add Accessories

Shaker Ball – Ideal for mixing protein shakes and health drinks. The slatted design helps mix the drink quickly, without making any lumps. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Fruit Infuser – Add extra value to your promotional gift and promote a healthy lifestyle at the same time. The top of the infuser sits securely in the neck of your sports bottle and is perfect for adding fruit to infuse the water with natural flavour.

Bottle Collars connected to Jumbo Ad-Loops or Lanyards are also available for easy transport and use. These too can be fully branded with your logo or marketing message.

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