Get Creative With Custom USBs

USB memory drives and sticks have become a very popular promotional product to give away in recent years. They are a useful tool for your clients and new contacts, so will be used time after time. Promotional USBs can be branded in different ways. Best of all, Premier offers you the opportunity to get creative and design a custom USB for your next promo marketing campaign!

Custom made 2D or 3D USBs are the perfect solution when you need to bring your product or marketing concept to life. With bespoke USB shapes, the only limit is your imagination. USBs can be produced in a wide range of Pantone colours. While most USB flash drives are manufactured from a soft PVC material, they can also be made from alternatives such as FSC certified maple wood, naturally sustainable bamboo, high-grade metal alloy or a number of other innovative materials.

Custom USBs

Take a look at a few examples below…


Image result for london bus usb

…how cool are these? As you can see the possibilities are endless.

The Credit Card USB is in our standard range, but this shows what can be achieved with full colour personalisation on both sides. The big print area also gives you room to let your design speak for itself.

The custom shaped USBs can be moulded to your unique shape. These work particularly well if you have a product shape, motif, logo or mascot that is recognisable. The detail on these USBs is amazing, with the majority of them being moulded out of a soft feel rubber material. As mentioned earlier, the colours featured on a promo USB can be specific to your exact needs! Once an order is confirmed, we can send you a physical sample of the custom USB memory drive for final approval.

Don’t worry if you need help with some creative ideas, as our in-house studio can always help! Speak to us today for more information or prices.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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