Essex Wildlife Trust

The Essex Wildlife Trust was established in 1959 and has continued to grow ever since, The trust is the county’s leading conservation charity.

They have more than 37000 members, manages and protects over 8400 acres of land on 87 nature reserves, 2 nature parks and runs 11 visitor centres. The aim of Essex Wildlife Trust is to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex. The trust is supported financially by members, local businesses and other organisations. It is one of the largest wildlife trusts throughout the British Isles.

Premier Print & Promotions Ltd are a member of the trust and contribute regularly to the funding of wildlife conservation. Premier commit to reduce their environmental impact and to protect the wildlife of Essex and has recently been admitted as a Corporate Silver Member of the Essex Wildlife Trust for 2019.

You can get involved by visiting the Essex Wildlife Trust’s website and discover the many different ways you can help, such as: Becoming a member, Making a general donation, fundraising campaigns and even volunteering in your spare time, be sure to check out all you can do here →

Visit Essex Wildlife Trust’s website →


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