6 Facts About Exhibition Giveaways That’ll Make Your Stand A Success

Finding the right promotional giveaways for your exhibition can be a challenge, that’s why Premier have provided this essential rundown to help you choose the best promo gifts to give away at your next event…

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Make It Useful

Promotional products are only successful in marketing your company or organisation if the person who receives it is actually going to make use of it. When choosing a product, think how well you might receive the item? Would you appreciate and use the product? If you don’t think you’d want it, then why would others? Better to be remembered for the right reasons!

Make It Good Quality

Good quality items are a must! When picking which promotional product to go for it can be very easy to choose an item which you think is saving money. But remember that item is advertising and promoting your company and, in turn, setting a perceived standard to any prospective customer. Speak to our team to discuss which promotional products might suit your company and budget. Our special offers will also help you to get the very best for your money.

Make It Insightful

A catchy slogan is a brilliant way to make any prospective customer remember your company. But don’t overdo things. The best way to catch the audience is with subtle branding. A logo and contact details should be enough to jog the audience’s memory. Maybe add a clever strapline if you feel you need it?

Make It Environmentally Friendly

Go green! With increasing focus on the environment, there are now hundreds of promotional products available which are eco-friendly. We offer a fantastic range of unusual and funky eco-friendly and recycled items.

Make It Simple

That’s what we do! Choosing a promotional product is not always simple. Thinking ‘right we will have some pens!’ still leaves so many questions to answer. There are hundreds of different pens that come in many different colours and styles. Give some thought about your target audience, potential use of the product and what message you’re trying to get across. How will your logo look on it? Answering these types of questions will help make the decisions easier and hopefully the choices more narrowed.

Make It Work For You

If you are only a small company just starting out, promotional products can be a great way to get your name out there. We understand you may feel unsure about your budget or what to invest in. This is where we recommend sticking to the basics. A pen or keyring is a low cost and simple option which is generally well received and retained. Or you could try giving out branded sweets or bottles of drink that feature your company logo. Again, items that are well received by weary visitors at exhibitions.

So give promotional products a try! These cost-effective marketing items are proven to boost sales and get your company name on show. You’ll never know the true potential and positive effects they can have on your company until you do.

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