Exhibition Promotions: A Handy Beginner’s Guide

An exhibition…what a fantastic way to promote your company or organisation! From experience we know how much effort goes into every last detail to make your time at an exhibition a success.

With so much to organise and think about, we hope you will find the following beginner’s guide to exhibition promotions useful.

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The Exhibition Stand

You’ve booked the stand… what next? How does it work? What do you need? How do you make it personal to your company? Firstly, it’s important to have something that really catches people’s eye, looks professional and singles you out from your competitors.

Here at Premier we are able to offer advice about the various Exhibition Banners, Stands and Display Graphics available. We offer a wide range of exhibition Pop-ups, Roller Banners, Exterior Banners, Twist Systems, Cassette Banners, Folding Systems, Custom Wallpapers, Recyclable Banners and Modular Systems as well as Literature Racks, Lighting Accessories and transportation cases or even just some simple Point of Sale items.

The Literature

Brochures, leaflets and flyers are all popular methods of handing out information. Our expert print team can advise you on our comprehensive range of print along with advice on the best methods of printing to keep your hand-outs cost effective.

So whether its business cards, leaflets, flyers or brochures you need to get your message across our print team will provide expert advice and competitive pricing.

The Giveaways

Another exhibition hurdle is what promotional product to give away? With our product knowledge and in-house design team we can source and brand almost anything!

As one of the Top 5 leading promotional distributors in the UK we have an experienced team who devote themselves to sourcing the very best products for you. We enjoy working with you to get the perfect design; so no idea should be left unsaid… call and speak to someone today about your ideas.

Take a look at our tips for choosing the best Promotional Giveaways for your exhibition.

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