Fanta Gets New Twisted Plastic Bottles In Rebrand

Fanta is switching to an innovative twisted bottle design in the UK, as part of a rebrand for the veteran beverage. Designed by London packaging agency Drink Works, Fanta’s new range of plastic bottles is a first for the carbonated soft drinks industry.

The Fanta bottle’s traditional symmetrical design has been replaced by a revolutionary asymmetric spiral version, twisting the plastic to form an eye-catching shape. This unique, tactile bottle design will feature across the 500ml and two litre formats for Fanta’s Orange, Lemon, Raspberry & Passionfruit, Mango & Passionfruit and Fruit Twist flavours.

Originally launched by the Coca-Cola Company in Italy back in 1955, even the Fanta logo has undergone a redesign. See if you can spot the hidden smile… it’s there to convey the irreverent and fun personality of the Fanta brand.

New Fanta Logo

Old Fanta Logo



“This year looks set to be the biggest in Fanta’s history, with a fresh new look inside and out,” says Aedamar Howlett, marketing director at Coca-Cola Great Britain. “As well as a new visual identity, we’ve been working hard to reduce the sugar without compromising on the taste and we’re delighted to be launching this new look alongside a new recipe with a third less sugar than before which consumers have told us tastes better than ever.”

Fanta’s visual identity revamp will roll out to UK stores from April. The new Fanta Orange recipe, featuring less sugar, will follow a month later in May.

New Fanta Orange bottle rangeImages Credit: Fanta/Drink Works

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