Forget the Selfie – It’s time for the Deskie!

The popular selfie has taken over the world with everyone stopping to take a selfie whenever and wherever possible! It was even added to the dictionary in 2013.

It is time to forget the selfie, and make way for the Deskie in aid of promotional products week.

Do you want to be in with a chance of winning £1,000 of desk accessories? What about the ‘Desk of the Year’ Award?

To get involved with #Deskie follow these simple steps.

  1. Take a photograph of your desk (messy or clean, we won’t judge you)
  2. Upload your photo to twitter (filter or no filter if you aren’t image savvy)
  3. Make sure you have tagged #Deskie, @premierpp & @ppweek

Here is our example of the Deskie:


Now it’s your turn… 

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