Fraud Hurts, Safety Doesn’t

RFID readers are smart devices that can scan your personal information through your pocket within seconds.

The readers are now advanced enough to obtain private information from many items including bank cards, passports, driving licenses and even travel cards. All of these are under threat from fraudsters looking to gain benefit while you’re left thinking “What on earth has happened?”

Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft with just over 130,000 reports, increasing 23% since 2016. This is followed by employment or tax-related fraud.

RFID is a scary subject, especially for those of us that have to endure a long commute to and from work or those that force themselves to enjoy travelling on the London Underground. Identity theft or fraud may not always be on your mind, however, the implications if affected by these crimes can sometimes be devastating, and the overall cost on the UK economy for fraud alone is £190 billion. On average that’s around £6000 per claim made.

For example, in 2016 a man was caught wandering the underground with a POS device. By putting an amount of less than £30 into it and touching it to peoples wallets and purses, he could collect payments via contactless cards. It might be weeks before you realise this has even happened to you, and the only way to prevent this is to be protected! To read the full story follow this link.

Scary stuff right? Imagine if that happened to you or your customers…


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Introducing the awesome new RFID shield protection. The RFID lining placed in various products helps protect against three different radio frequencies that attempt to scan your personal information. Getting through just one of these frequencies is hard enough, let alone three. So you’re sure to be protected, giving you peace of mind. Offering your company and customers protection against fraud is a surefire way to get in their good books!

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Statistics Source: Identity Theft Resource Centre

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