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Researchers at the University of Birmingham and other partner universities have recently studied sedentary workers who eat at their desks and the impact on their productivity.

Following a 10 week walking experiment, researchers evaluated the results against a test group.  Walkers said they felt considerably more enthusiastic, less tense, and generally more relaxed and able to cope than on afternoons when they hadn’t walked.

The authors concluded “there is now quite strong research evidence that feeling more positive and enthusiastic at work is very important to productivity […] we would therefore expect that people who walked at lunchtime would be more productive.” (Source: Healthcare RM 2015)

At Premier, we totally agree!

So this summer we are encouraging desk workers to get out of the office on Friday lunchtimes for #FrisbeeFriday. This June, we are sending everyone who places an order with us a super neat portable frisbee to encourage them outside into the summer air (it’s so neat, it fits easily into your pocket!).

Football mascot with promo frisbee

Today our Premier team went one step further and distributed a large box full of our frisbees, absolutely free to stressed, lethargic workers in our local city of Colchester. We flew the frisbees to estate agent, banks, local businesses and students. We challenged them and their colleagues to a game of #FrisbeeFriday in Castle Park!  We were delighted with the results, our frisbees were a-flying all over the city and workers were returning to work re-energised, with smiles on their faces and springs in their step.  That’s got to be good for business!

Playing with frisbees in the park Promotional frisbee in office

Come and join us and see the benefits #FrisbeeFriday

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