General Election 2017: Battle Of The Promotional Merchandise

Unfortunately for all the political parties involved, it looks as though their marketing and merchandising teams were just as surprised as the rest of us when Theresa May suddenly called for a snap General Election in June.

Our quick tour around the online promotional merchandise stores of every major UK political party certainly didn’t inspire us. Right now, there’s not a single General Election 2017 promo item to buy direct from any UK party! Some don’t even have a merch store at all. There’s a prime example of political suicide from the get-go.

But is there a frontrunner in our impromptu promotional poll?

The Conservative Party

The Conservatives’ online merchandise shop is currently showcasing an extensive range of products inspired by historical moments from the party’s archives. This includes a Labour Isn’t Working mug, Margaret Thatcher tote bag and New Labour coaster with Tony Blair. There’s also a tea towel featuring photos from back in the day of veteran Labour Lefties Ken Livingstone, Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn. Is this merch store actually a Tory marginal?

Labour Isn't Working promotional mugLabour Isn’t Working promotional mug. Not suitable for dishwashers, microwaves… or trade union meetings.

Margaret Thatcher promo tote bagMargaret Thatcher promotional tote bag. Mrs T famously once said: “We were told our campaign wasn’t sufficiently slick. We regard that as a compliment”.
Is history repeating itself with all the yesteryear artwork on these Conservative promo goods?

The Official Limited Edition 2017 Conservative Party Calendar. Wonder if 8th June has already been marked off?

Images Credit: The Conservative Party

The Labour Party

The design of Labour’s promotional merchandise is modern and sleek, while the party’s current militant policies look more like a throwback to the 1970s. From Corbyn canvas bags to Labour Party umbrellas, everything in the store is minimalist designed and on-brand.

Labour Party promo pen

Labour Party promotional pen. Looking very similar to Premier’s own range of Superhit Basic Ballpens.

Labour Party promo umbrellaLabour Party promotional umbrella. Go canvassing in the rain with a happy refrain.

Labour Party promo silicon wristbandLabour Party promotional silicon wristband. Great for those big outdoor events and demonstrations, no doubt being planned by Labour’s PR team as we write this.

Images Credit: The Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

The only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant, united and… merchandise-free! Yep, there’s nothing to buy here. Not even hope, according to today’s poll tracking results for the Lib Dems. How can any political party brag about running the UK economy, when they can’t even set up an eCommerce site to sell their own supporters a few bits of official merchandise?

Promo Politics 2017 – Best of the Rest

The Scottish National Party (SNP)

With the SNP seemingly in permanent campaign mode for a Scottish Independence Referendum 2.0, it’s no surprise that theirs is the best UK political party store for promotional products. Nicola Sturgeon’s crew have been smart and hired merchandise professionals from Glasgow to run the shop for them. Here’s just a small sample of what’s on offer…

SNP promo button badgeSNP promotional button badge.

SNP promo campaign bag

SNP promotional campaign bag.

SNP promo logo rosette

SNP promotional logo rosette.

SNP promo travel mugSNP promotional travel mug.

SNP promo windbreaker jacket

SNP promotional windbreaker jacket.

SNP promo lanyardSNP Stronger For Scotland promotional lanyard.

Images Credit: SNP

The Green Party

Not as many eco-friendly products as we thought there would be on the Green Party’s online merchandise store. Or maybe we should just assume they all are, erm, green? Still, there’s no mention of recycled paper, vegetable inks or a low carbon footprint on the product pages for the leaflet and poster featured below. Tsk.

Green Party promo T-shirt

Green Party promotional T-shirt.

Green Party promo leafletJoin The Young Greens promotional leaflet.

Green Party promo poster

Vote Green Party promotional poster.

Images Credit: The Green Party

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

In classic Monster Raving Loony style, the party’s online merchandise store is still showing their iPhone app for the 2015 General Election. Such larks.

Monster Raving Loony Party logoPolitically Charged

Let’s hope these UK politicos and their promo marketing advisors can up their branded merchandise game in the coming weeks – and whip up a few extra votes in the process. Any political party is more than welcome to browse our catalogue or call the Premier Sales Team on 01376 574670 for free advice and an unbeatable quote on promotional products.

Brand In The USA

If political promotions really are your thing, we previously looked at the merchandise used to support Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in last year’s American presidential campaign. Like the popular vote, poor old Hillary actually won the promotional merchandise battle too.

Trump vs Clinton: Battle Of The Promotional Merchandise

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