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Green Printing?…..

So what is green printing? No, it’s not green coloured inks, green in this term refers to being “eco-friendly”. As you are probably aware of, we are now living in a time when we have finally realized we haven’t been doing our planet any favours. This is something Premier can help you with by using Green Printing! Introducing green printing to your fellow peers will push you that one step ahead of the game, helping you to present yourself and your products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


What’s wrong with the current Printing Process?

The entire production of paper and printing use a great amount of natural resources like wood, for example as well as hazardous materials harmful to not only the environment, but also to us.


The printing process itself involves numerous inks, solvents and acids. The process of chlorine bleaching can release chemicals into the water and materials like bindings and foils can make recycling difficult.


How do we “Green Print”?

Well for starters, Chlorine-free recycled paper is favourable to paper bleached with chlorine due to the effects it has on our water systems. As it stands, chlorine is the most common bleaching agent, so if you can go the other way, then this can be your unique selling point. So what about the inks? Well we use environmentally-friendly inks such as soy based, eco-solvent and UV inks.

The benefits of UV inks is that is can be successfully applied to both flexible and hard surfaces. UV ink is water resistant, which makes any product printed in this way ideal for long term outdoor use, unlike some vinyl’s and laminates. Using environmentally-safe inks, on paper that offers less post-consumer waste, you will become the most eco-savvy company out there.

You can’t put a price on the value of being eco, but luckily it doesn’t always have to cost the earth. Something as essential as sticky notes, present a small price increase to go eco. The cost of standard A7 sticky notes starts from £0.37 with the eco alternative standing at only 4p more. We think the eco boost these would give you, will hold much more value than the cost of four pennies.


Get Green!

With Premier offering this service to you, there is no reason to not get involved! As a company in this eco era, any environmental move you make will be great for your brand and strengthen your profile among clients. Take advantage of Premier and use Green Printing to excel you as an Eco forward company. Do good whilst being green!




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