Halo Top Use Promotional Merchandise To Advertise Their Ice Cream

Halo Top produce a low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein ice cream that is made from all-natural ingredients and tastes just like regular ice cream. It’s available in 17 fashionable flavours such as chocolate mocha chip, peanut butter cup and sea salt caramel. Where things get really interesting is that a typical pint of Halo Top ice cream has only 240 calories. That’s a whopping four scoops of delicious ice cream!

Can’t be that hard a sell for the Halo Top marketing team, right? Well, having a great product is just the start for any successful business. You also need customers to become brand ambassadors for you.

Rather than relying on expensive TV and magazine advertising like other ice cream makers, Halo Top use promotional merchandise to build a closer relationship with their most loyal customers and fans. From T-shirts to tote bags, the Halo Top merch not only helps create a buzz about the ice cream, but also contributes to the company’s profits.

There is no doubting that something is going right for Halo Top with their promo marketing. According to Justin Woolverton, the company’s founder and CEO, year-on-year sales for Halo Top increased by around 2,500% in 2016.

Halo Top Promotional Merchandise

Halo Top T-Shirt ($21.99)

Promotional T-shirt

Just Scoop It T-Shirt ($19.99)

Just Scoop It promo T-shirt

Promotional tee with Just Scoop It slogan

Scoop Outline Snapback Baseball Cap ($21.99)

Halo Top promotional baseball capHalo Top branded merchandise

Precious Cargo Tote Bag ($8)

Promo tote bag with Precious Cargo slogan

Halo Top promotional tote bag

Halo Top even released this limited edition Navy Blue & Gold coloured baseball cap and Let’s Chill T-shirt on Black Friday back in November.

Limited edition t-shirt and cap for Black FridayImages Credit: Halo Top

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