Hot Promotional BBQ Products For Natural Born Grillers

Whether it’s for the sizzling skewers of meat or flame grilled veggies, everyone loves a good BBQ. So let’s fire up today’s pick of our smoking hot promotional BBQ products. All of these tasty items can be branded with your own logo or marketing message!


A combination of fashion and functionality make this strong, woven polyester BBQ apron a great advertising platform for your brand. The apron comes with an oven glove, salt and pepper shakers, stainless steel spatula, fork and tongs.

BBQ Tip: Why not try cooking some fruit on the BBQ for a change? The grill’s high temperature will caramelize the natural sugars of the fruit. Apples, bananas, figs, nectarines, peaches, pears, pineapples and plums all produce yummy results. Just remember to slice or halve them before grilling.

Additional Information –
Imprint method: Silkscreen print.
Maximum number of colours on your logo or artwork: 2.
Minimum order quantity: 20. Each apron is supplied in a box.

Cleaner Brush

Keeps your BBQ grill looking clean and brand new. Minimum order quantity: 50.

BBQ Tip: A clean and oiled grill grate will prevent your food from sticking and also emphasise those lovely barbecued grill marks.

Promotional BBQ cleaner brush

Cooler Bag

Cooler bag with front compartment housing three essential BBQ tools – spatula, tongs and fork.

BBQ Tip: Brush your meat or fish with marinade every 10 minutes while cooking to add moisture and retain the smokey flavour of the BBQ.

Promotional BBQ cooler bag

Additional Information –
Imprint method: Transfer.
Maximum number of colours on your logo or artwork: 4.
Minimum order quantity: 25.

Fork with Thermometer

LCD screen displays the temperature in °C and °F. Batteries not included. Minimum order quantity: 9.

BBQ Tip: Use a thermometer instead of cutting into your chicken, pork, beef or fish to see if it’s cooked to perfection yet. Otherwise you’ll needlessly lose some of those delicious meat juices. Aiming for 130°F should produce a medium-rare hamburger.

Promotional BBQ fork with thermometer

Hamburger Press and Brush

Allows you to prepare and make perfect hamburgers.

BBQ Tip: Forming a good patty is a grilled burger basic, along with using beef that’s no leaner than 85%.

Promotional hamburger press and BBQ brush

Additional Information –
Imprint method:  Pad Print.
Minimum order quantity: 1. Supplied in cardboard gift box.

Metal BBQ Lighter

Refillable aluminium lighter with adjustable flame. Available in Anthracite Grey, Black, Blue, Red and Silver. Minimum order quantity: 100.

BBQ Tip: Always keep a fire extinguisher handy when barbecuing, just in case of an emergency.

Promotional metal BBQ lighters

Nido BBQ Grill

Want a promo BBQ grill with an unusual design? The Nido’s square shape has more surface area to grill your food just the way you like it. Made from carbon steel.

BBQ Tip: Set up your grill in an open space, well away from trees, shrubs or plants.

Promotional Nido BBQ grill

Additional Information –
Imprint method: CO2 engraving.
Minimum order quantity: 1.
Available in Black or White.

Portable BBQ Grill by Jamie Oliver

Get a step ahead of your cookout competitors with Jamie Oliver’s lightweight charcoal BBQ, equipped with locking grips for easy carrying and storage.

BBQ Tip: Heat is the crucial ingredient of good grilling, so don’t skimp on the charcoal.

Charcoal BBQ grill by Jamie Oliver

Additional Information –
Imprint method: Pad Print.
Maximum number of colours on your logo or artwork: 1.
Minimum order quantity: 2. Each BBQ is supplied in a Jamie Oliver gift box.

Glamourous Grillers

If you are looking for a colourful BBQ grill to joyously celebrate your brand identity, we have a funky selection of bright barbecue beauties available. Just ask for more details!

Kettle BBQ Grills in Lime Green, Orange, Red or Silver

Promotional kettle BBQ grills

Mini BBQ Grill Buckets in Light Blue or Orange

Orange mini BBQ grill

Round Metal BBQ Grills in Blue, Green, Red or Yellow


Promotional metal BBQ grills

Licensed To Grill

We relish a promotional challenge! If you are planning a BBQ-themed giveaway or corporate BBQ party for your clients/employees this summer, give Premier a call on 01376 574670 for a healthy helping of promo advice.

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