House Of Cards: Promotional Items Tease The Show’s Return

The highly anticipated fourth series of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey’s award-winning satire about American politics, launches on Netflix today. And just like his real life contemporaries pitching for the White House’s presidential hotseat right now, the cunning Frank Underwood (backed by the publicity department at Netflix) knows the value of a great promotional campaign.

In a clever marketing twist, the fictional account of President Frank Underwood running for re-election has been supported by a full range of promotional items that you would expect from a real political campaign. Everything from badges and leaflets to posters and T-shirts – all sporting the FU ’16 logo and slogans like “Anything For America” and “Whatever It Takes” – have been sent out to reviewers, bloggers and fans of the TV show.

House of Cards promotional poster

Promotional bumper sticker

FU 2016 sticker

Whatever It Takes

Along with a website and social media accounts to promote the FU ’16 campaign, Netflix also opened a fake campaign office last month near Underwood’s hometown of Gaffney in South Carolina. There’s even an oil painting of Kevin Spacey as President Underwood by artist Jonathan Yeo hanging in America’s Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Smithsonian oil painting of President Frank Underwood

Image Credit: Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

House of Cards – Season 4

In House of Cards, Spacey’s Underwood character is the politician’s politician – masterful, beguiling, charismatic and ruthless. It will interesting to see if Frank Underwood goes up against a political opponent like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in this year’s timely re-appearance of the show.

Here’s the trailer,,,

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