How To Create And Distribute Your Flyers & Leaflets In 6 Easy Steps

The likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat may enjoy all the headlines and hype when it comes to marketing today, but printed flyers and leaflets are still one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to get your business or organisation noticed. In fact, 92% of people* say they read the flyers and leaflets that get delivered to their homes.

A leaflet or flyer that interests the recipient will also usually stay in the home for a month or more, as people want to be able to refer back to it at a future date. Can the same be said for the average Facebook advert? Not very like-ly!

So in this no fuss, easy to understand guide, Premier will run through the best ways to create and distribute your own flyers and leaflets to get maximum impact for your print marketing – at minimal cost.

Strong call to action is a must

Whether it’s to announce a new product, a special offer or an upcoming event, there must be a compelling reason for somebody to read your flyer and leaflet and then take further action. Ensure that your ‘call to action’ is loud and clear. Leave subtle or wacky advertising to those big brands who can afford to experiment with it.

Great design is the key to your success

This is often overlooked, but first impressions count. If your flyer or leaflet looks dull, or has spelling errors, it’s not a good way to promote your brand to prospective customers. Good or better design isn’t easy, it takes skill. That’s why it’s always worth paying a professional graphic designer to create any marketing materials for you.

People receiving relevant, and well presented, information at the right time are more likely to respond favourably.

Use the right flyer or leaflet for the job

Once designed, there is a bewildering choice of flyer and leaflet product options for you to print your artwork on. For example, a flyer that’s handed out on the high-street tends to be thicker and sturdier than a thinner leaflet that’s inserted into a local newspaper.

Other printing and finishing options will give you the chance to cut your flyer or leaflet into a particular shape, or add a glossy finish to the surface of the card or paper. Both of these techniques will help make your flyer or leaflet stand out from the crowd.

If you are in doubt about the best flyer or leaflet for your needs, make sure you speak to a print expert before you place your order.

Choose the best method of flyer and leaflet distribution

Typically, there are six different methods of flyer and leaflet distribution. Your leaflet can be handed out in person (hand to hand distribution) or delivered through the letterboxes of houses and flats in your targeted neighbourhoods. Letterbox distribution, also known as a doordrop, is how most businesses and organisations prefer to distribute their flyers and leaflets, especially local restaurants and takeaways, hair salons, gyms, estate agents, charities and political parties.

The leaflet is either on its own (often referred to as solo distribution or solus distribution), inserted inside a magazine or newspaper, or delivered with a group of other leaflets from non-competing businesses (generally known as multi drop distribution). This is a cheaper option. However, this has the disadvantage of lessening the initial effectiveness of your flyer or leaflet, as it will be battling against the rest for your recipient’s attention.

Similar to this, you can have business to business distribution, whereby your leaflets will be distributed to suitable businesses rather than homes in your designated areas. Another form of business to business distribution is where a business has a display or stand situated on their premises that holds flyers and leaflets for their customers and passers-by to pick up.

The sixth, and most expensive, option is to distribute your flyers or leaflets by direct mail. This is the best method of distribution if you would like to include any promotional merchandise with your flyer, or want to target your own mailing list of customers or volunteers.

Find a reputable flyer and leaflet distributor

Like any industry, there are good leaflet distributors and there are bad leaflet distributors. Unless you are going on a personal recommendation, make sure you read as much feedback, testimonials and reviews as possible from other customers before you decide to use any particular distributor. As well as the distribution company’s website, look for any unfavourable references to them on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how your flyers and leaflets will be distributed by the company. If you decide on a multi drop type of distribution, will the other flyers and leaflets really be from non-competitive businesses? A leaflet from a local pizza parlour or coffee shop, for instance, shouldn’t be competing with one printed by an international chain like Domino’s Pizza or Starbucks.

Many leaflet distributors will offer free geodemographic profiling to their clients, enabling you to more carefully target who will receive your flyers and leaflets. This software, usually the mapping system by Geoplan, gleans useful geographic and demographic information from the national census and other sources, helping to minimise any wastage – and increase the response rates – in your print marketing.

Another crucial thing to ask your distributor is if there are any ways to check and see if your flyers or leaflets have been successfully delivered to the correct locations. As well as spot checks, many of today’s leaflet distributors are offering increasingly more sophisticated options to monitor the progress and quality of their work. This includes GPS tracking to show exactly where and when the flyers and leaflets were delivered.

Track the results

If GPS tracking isn’t available or is too expensive for your marketing budget, having a special discount code or cut-out voucher printed on your flyer or leaflet will make it easier for you to track the success of any particular flyer or leafleting campaign.

When sending out a flyer or leaflet by direct mail to your own mailing list, a well-timed email or telemarketing call shortly afterwards are both great ways to follow up and engage with your customers or supporters.

The Premier Choice

If this still sounds too complicated for you to try on your own for the first time, don’t worry, the print and promotions experts at Premier are always happy to organise your print project from start to finish. Just give us a call or email today and see how we can help you.

*According to market research conducted by the Royal Mail. The company also says that over 70% of UK small businesses generate a good return on their investment when distributing flyers and leaflets via the Royal Mail’s door drop delivery.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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