How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Coming up with new ideas for your marketing campaigns to make them memorable and more importantly achieve results is not an easy task.

Using promotional items in your campaigns is a great way to incorporate creativity and fun into your marketing.

So if you are planning an event or a direct mail campaign and you want your marketing to stand out from the crowd, here are some tips.

Choose promotional items that are relevant to your target audience

An obvious one to start with, but if you are offering an item that has no relevance to your target audience it will end up in the bin.

Identify useful gifts that will be used regularly

The most effective branded items are those that are used regularly as they create a higher level of brand awareness over time. Going for something that is unique and different will delight your customers, but just make sure that it’s something that will get used as well.

Simple effective and thoughtful

Think about items that your prospects use on a daily basis. And don’t just guess; why not ask them what they would actually find really useful. For example if you are targeting nurses perhaps a branded mini hand sanitiser would be popular. Or office workers may like a mobile and tablet power bank.

Ethically sourced

Using a supplier that matches your own values is a good way of ensuring you can practice what you preach. Check that the products you are purchasing are sourced from a reputable, audited, quality supplier.

The timing of your campaign

If you’re exhibiting at an event, think about seasonality. Is it taking place in the height of summer during Wimbledon for example? What about branded tennis balls or sweat bands? Taking inspiration from popular events is a good way to make an impact.

Combine with a call to action

Don’t just give away your items, instead think about valuable contact information or feedback that you can get in return. This enables you to stay in touch with those who have a branded product of yours and also measure the return on your investment.

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