How Xoopar Promotional Gadgets Are Made

Best known for their distinctive Xoopar Boy music speakers, Xoopar create innovative tech products that blend a cute design style with cutting edge technology.

The company’s superhero robot mascot, based on a traditional Chinese kung-fu character, perfectly showcases Xoopar’s creative design skills and contemporary branding. In fact, the name Xoopar was originally derived from the word for “super”.

In this revealing behind-the-scenes video, we see how Xoopar’s promotional gadgets are actually made – from early concepts all the way through to the product team’s extensive lab tests for reliability, performance and user experience.

Promotional Gadgets Fit For Superheroes

Xoopar Boy Mini

This new 2W Mini version of the popular Xoopar Boy wireless speaker boasts up to three hours of playtime. Comes in a choice of black, gold, grey, lemon green, mint green, orange, pink or silver.

Xoopar Boy Mini Bluetooth speaker

Xoopar Squid Mini 4000mAh Power Bank

Capable of rapidily charging two devices simultaneously, this stylish soft touch Power Bank illuminates your logo when in use. Choose gold, grey, red or silver colouring. Larger battery capacities are available on request.

Xoopar Squid Mini Power Bank

Xoopar Squid Mini Power Bank packaging

Xoopar Ring Earbuds

These promotional wireless earbuds feature a sporty design and a great branding area for your artwork. Available in a range of different coloured trims.

Xoopar wireless ring earbuds

Xoopar Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This funky 5W waterproof audio speaker supports most smartphones, tablets, music players and laptops. It features a large suction pad that enables the speaker to be securely fixed to most surfaces. Available in black, pink, silver or white.

Xoopar waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Xoopar Octopus Charging Adapter with USB-C connector

Don’t leave the home or office without this handy gadget, because you’ll never know where or when you’ll need it! The new Octopus includes the latest version of USB connector, known as Type-C or USB-C, that’s now appearing on Apple MacBooks, Samsung mobile phones and many other devices. Available in black, blue, green, orange, purple, red or white.

Xoopar Octopus charging adapter

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