The Iconic T-Shirt Design That’s Going Global

Inspired by the digital generation of phone and tablet apps, the designers at ICONSPEAK have created a series of ingenious T-shirts, tanktops and cotton shopper bags that make travelling to other countries a lot easier. Featuring a selection of instantly recognisable icons, this clever T-shirt enables the wearer to easily communicate with non-English speakers.

ICONSPEAK tees montage

Need to rent a vehicle in Venezuela? Just point your finger at the bike or car icon on your T-shirt or bag. Alternatively, the T-shirt’s ship icon will get you sorted for a ferry in Fiji or a cruise around the Caspian Sea. Desperate for the loo in Laos? Yep, there’s an icon for that too.

But unlike a foreign language translator app for your smartphone, these T-shirts don’t need any battery recharges, Wi-Fi access or software updates to work. Just the occasional wash and a splash of fabric softener will do fine. Especially if you’re planning on wearing the T-shirt for your entire trip abroad!

ICONSPEAK white T-shirt

“Due to our lacking linguistic talents in the furthest and deepest corners of our world, we were repeatedly left with no words,” reveal the team at ICONSPEAK. “Such situations got us thinking about how to bridge language barriers with utmost simplicity. With icons, you can speak to the world!”

The ICONSPEAK range is one of those simple yet effective ideas that you can’t believe nobody has thought of before. The company has already added caps and beanies to their accompanying ‘travel story’ collection of icon-based clothing and related merchandise.


ICONSPEAK green apple tshirt

The original ICONSPEAK T-shirt is now available in over 10 colours, including the green apple version shown here.

ICONSPEAK white cotton shopper bag

This classic shoulder bag by ICONSPEAK is made from 100% cotton.

ICONSPEAK diver story navy beanie hat

ICONSPEAK’s diver story beanie suitably comes in navy blue.

ICONSPEAK lumberjack story white cotton shopper bag

Wood you believe it. ICONSPEAK’s lumberjack story bag is more about fashion than function.

ICONSPEAK relax story tanktop

Relax and enjoy life in this women’s tanktop by ICONSPEAK.

Tanktop in action - asking for a hostel

ICONSPEAK tanktop in action: asking for a hostel.

ICONSPEAK tee shirt in action - finding a ferry

The combination of car, ship and wave icons on this ICONSPEAK T-shirt make it easier to find a ferry.

Is the water here safe to drink

With an ICONSPEAK T-shirt, you don’t need to speak the local language to find out if the water is safe to drink or not.

The Premier Touch

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