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Promotional power bank

The rise and rise of hi-tech gadgets at accessible prices has brought a new dimension to the scope of the promotional industry’s ability to meet the marketing needs of a wider clientele. They do this by opening up an opportunity to pass on to more targeted prospects a device which has high perceived value. In short, they offer us further tools to be strategic in our advice to clients when advising them of their approach to gifting and product placement.

Clearly, low cost old favourites like pens, mugs and calendars will always be an ideal way to reach a large audience without breaking the bank. Equally, products with a higher perceived value will also continue to have their place, for example, the branded leather wallet or personalised business card holder. However, neither of these resonates to an audience which is increasingly tech-savvy and appreciates products which help facilitate, or even extend, that lifestyle.

First of all, we need to be clear on the role these gadgets can play. Their primary aim is to leave a positive lasting impression on the recipient which is of benefit to the organisation that is gifting it. The beauty of many gadgets is that they achieve this while still being below the value permitted for globally audited corporations operating under the remit of the Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002.

The diversity of gadgets available is almost endless, allowing targeting of some very specific audiences. How about a combined hand warmer and powerbank (universal phone charger)? Who would ever want it? Well, anyone whose job regularly takes them outdoors where there is limited or no access to other charging points. The same group might equally be interested in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

How about a cup holder that links to an app to measure how much water you’ve drunk? Frivolous? Not if hydration is a crucial part of your health or fitness programme. Who might be interested then? I’d suggest a large proportion of medical and sports industry stakeholders.

They key for companies operating in the promotional product industry is to understand that clients may or may not be aware of these gadgets when they order – nor their appropriate use. Our role as suppliers is to advise clients, in addition to taking orders and delivering them. If we go the extra mile by advising on how a product’s selection might optimise impact, that strategic insight is likely to add to our client’s value of our services.

If you haven’t so far, inspect a gadget…

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