Introducing The Mop Head Highlighter Pen

With their irresistible combination of functionality and fun, Premier’s rollicking range of Mop Head promotional products (also known as Mop Toppers) are a proven way to make your marketing campaign stand head and shoulders above the competition. Today, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to this gleeful gathering of funky haired promo gifts… the Mop Head Highlighter Pen.

4 products for the price of 1

  • The Mop Head hair works as a screen cleaner for your mobile phone, computer and tablet. It’s also quite soothing to the touch. But we’ll leave that to you to try out for yourself…
  • Pull off the head and you’ll be able to use a coloured highlighter on the top of the pen. Profits will be even brighter, and losses not quite so bitter, when you are marking them off your sales sheet with a Mop Topper highlighter.
  • Hey, you can even be really sensible and just use it like a normal ballpen too. You know, actually write things with it.
  • Not forgetting the most important bit of all… it’s an amazing advertising platform for YOU! There’s plenty of space on the barrel of the pen to include your logo and branding. Your organisation and marketing message will be at the finger tips of your clients, employees and visitors every day.


The launch line-up of Mop Head Highlighters features a choice of four colours – black, blue, lime green or red. The highlighter ink matches the colour of each pen’s hair and barrel colour, except for the black model, who thought it would be funnier to have a yellow highlighter instead for comical effect. But hey, who out there doesn’t like to use a yellow highlighter. The ballpen on every highlighter is far more commonsensical though, using black ink only throughout the collection.

For more information about these hilarious highlighters or our original Mop Head Stylus Pens, please call 01376 574670 or email our cheery sales team and request a free quote. This is the end of today’s jovial product announcement. Now, we’ve got some playful Mop Topper tickling to do around the office.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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