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It is becoming a pressing issue that single-use plastic is being used as a convenience and we are not looking at the bigger picture. A scary 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold in 2017; which is just above a million single-use plastic bottles bought every minute.

Already a few big numbers to get us going, however, those numbers are met with a figure that would make a mouse and an elephant seem fairly similar in size. Fewer than half the single-use plastic bottles sold were collected for recycling then only 8% of those collected for turned into new bottles. The level of plastic being spilt into our environment and oceans is rather terrifying, to say the least, that’s why so many people are standing up and trying to win the war against single-use plastic.

For example, McDonald’s is replacing plastic straws with paper ones across all its UK and Ireland restaurants after a successful trial.

A roll-out of paper straws in 1,361 restaurants will begin in September, with the process to be completed next year.

The move comes as pressure grows on companies to reduce single-use plastic products and packaging, amid concerns over plastic pollution in the oceans where items such as straws end up harming wildlife like turtles and fish. Source: ITV Online News Report

At Premier we take time to make sure our suppliers are doing their bit when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. For example one has a zero waste policy, they use the maximum amount of recycled materials for each product, which is significantly better for the environment compared to single-use items. All products are eco-friendly and are of a high quality.

We can offer you a solution to these issues which will help your brand give the same green message we are achieving. For example, our branded Base Sports Bottle is a cost-efficient way to send that message to consumers. The reusable water bottle is durable, stylish, made in the UK and can help you decrease your carbon footprint; our BPA free, reusable bottles are also better for your health.

An estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed and ultimately discarded annually worldwide. Our Reusable bags, such as the popular cotton shopper, help combat the unfriendly attacks that common plastic bags inflict on our environment. Our products can be used for many years, are stronger than the average plastic shopping bag and considerably more comfortable; not to mention they are incredibly user-friendly partnered with attractive designs that you can add personal branding too.

We want you to join Premier Print & Promotions in the fight to reduce the use of single-use plastic! Be a reusable water bottle brand!

Get in touch today for expert advice on which products you can offer your customers that show you’re consciously taking positive steps towards making the world a better place.

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