The KFC Meal Box That Recharges Your Phone

We have all been there. The phone shuts down just as we’re about to hit the share button on Facebook, or beat our best ever score on Candy Crush. KFC’s Watt A Box is about to change, or to be more specific, charge all that.

This ingenious KFC 5-on-1 meal box incorporates a 6100mAh PowerBank and iPhone/Android compatible USB cable. Now you can recharge your phone or tablet while you tuck into your chicken burger and fries.

KFC Watt A Box logo

Meal box with PowerBank

Watt A Box recharging a mobile phone

Chicken burger from Watt A Box meal

Watt A Box is the latest portion of hi-tech promotions served up by KFC and creative marketing agency Blink Digital. The two companies have previously collaborated on radio station and augmented reality apps for fast food fans.

KFC Meal Box With PowerBank

Here’s a YouTube video explaining how it all works:

Images and Video Credit: KFC/Blink Digital

Watt’s the catch, then? This tasty bit of finger lickin’ tech is currently only available a limited number of KFC India outlets in New Delhi and Mumbai. But the good news is that Premier can provide this handy recharging technology, fully branded for your own business, for a price that’s cheaper than you may think.

Browse our extensive range of PowerBanks online or call us on 01376 574670 today for a free quote.

by Rik Haynes

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