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Sustainable materials are attracting more attention than ever before and are becoming increasingly more popular. A sustainable product in simple terms is one which protects the environment during its entire life; so the moment the raw materials are plucked from the source all the way to the disposal of the product.

A sustainable material is supported indefinitely by nature – when the recourse is used, it is replaced by the world around it – a great example of this is when trees are harvested for the creation of a product, but are re-planted at the same rate they are cut down.

One of the new trends in the promotional merchandise industry is the creation of products using Bioplastics.

Bioplastic is a innovative polymer that excels in renewability, biodegradability and compostability which means these types of products are available in a material which is made entirely from natural resources. One of Premier’s products, the Nature Plus Pen is made from certified cultivation sugarcane. The sugarcane is processed into PLA and then turned into bioplastic granules ready for manufacturing.

So, how do sustainable materials benefit us?

  1. Protect and conserve natural resources
  2. Has long term economic value
  3. Reduction of waste due to biodegradability
  4. Make your home or office a healthier place
  5. Allows you as an individual or business to set a great example

Conducting business in an eco-friendly manner allows you to introduce a green slant to your marketing strategy. Choosing more sustainable products has the added advantage of not only being planet-friendly but people-friendly, too. Consumers are 58% more likely to buy your company’s products or services when they know your organisation is mindful of its impact on society and the environment.* 


Sugarcane is very efficient; compared with maize, as it produces double the amount of raw material per square metre and requires less water.  

Sugarcane is used before it gets discarded, which makes the stalk a “reclaimed resource”. It can then be broken down into a pulp that would otherwise be made from tree fibre. This means fewer trees are needed to make products and we are able to reclaim waste that would be burned or landfilled.

Premier’s Senator Eco Pen range is the perfect alternative to generic plastic pens.



Bamboo is another sustainable material that is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of products, from flooring in your home all the way to sunglasses.

Premier offers a whole range of brandable products that are made from Bamboo including travel mugs, speakers and even headphones!

Ecoffee Cups

The Ecoffee Cup® is made from bamboo fibres which is a rapidly renewable resource alongside having a base biodegradable material. Naturally organic bamboo fibre is one of the most sustainable and environmentally responsible materials on the market today. For more information on the Ecoffee Cup® check out our blog: The Cup Stops Here.

Eco Tech

The House of Marley was founded by Bob Marley’s children to incorporate the ‘One Love, One World’ ideas of their father Bob into music products. In addition to the excellent quality and elegant design, the House of Marley products are also made of sustainable materials and a percentage of it benefits good causes. The high-quality audio products are designed to deliver the Marley “Signature Sound” that conveys all the energy, emotion and details of each recording.

We’ve all had to make changes in order to meet eco-friendly targets; making simple changes like turning off computer systems at the end of the day, setting up an office food bin, car sharing with a colleague and of course recycling more are all great ideas and easy boxes to tick. The big question is how can you start implementing the idea of being more eco-friendly in your day to day marketing? Premier offer an incredible range of eco and sustainable products, our expert sales team specialize in offering advice not just on what’s best for your brand, but what products will take your company to new heights. Get in contact today and find out how we can help you push an eco-friendly message for your business.


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