Mission: Plastic Free

The mission is to build a worldwide movement that drastically reduces the use of all plastics and improves recycling globally.

The chances are, you’ve never thought about how much plastic is used in the UK. 275,000 tons of plastic are used each year in the UK, which is the equivalent to 15 million bottles per day.*

So, how can you live plastic free?


1. Use non-plastic containers.
Pack your lunch in foil or paper sandwich bags. Get a stainless steel travel mug for tea and coffee.

2. Use natural cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic scrubbers and synthetic sponges.
A great alternative to regular plastic scrubbing pads are cotton dish towels or copper scrubbers.

3. Carry reusable shopping bags.
Cotton shopping bags are a fantastic way of reducing the amount of plastic you use while on the go, especially for small shops where most people would normally use disposable plastic bags.

4. Carry a reusable water bottle.
Glass and stainless steel water bottles are a common alternative to plastic bottles, even if they are a bit more expensive at least they’re reusable and have better longevity.

5. Store leftovers in glass jars.
Masonry and sweet jars come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to store any form of food, and sometimes drinks.

6. Bring your own everything.
Bring your own cutlery, utensils and food to lunches and dinner, avoiding the use of office plastic cutlery or disposable plates greatly helps reduce the amount of plastic you use and also the plastic used elsewhere.


Premier Print & Promotions are promoting being plastic free via social media in the hope that we can help build an understanding of the importance of living with less plastic. We offer some great alternatives to plastic based products.

Our Plastic Free Products:

    Maxi Eco Sweet Pot:

Eco-friendly Compostable Pot. Certified compostable means these pot will compost in under 12 weeks once thrown into your food waste recycling. Made from plant materials & not plastic, green product branded with paper label wrap. Available with various different sweets.

From: £0.94

Grass Hair Man:

Ceramic Pottery Man. Head of the Figure is Filled with Grass Seeds Which Sprouts After a Few Days Watering

From: £2.14

    Aluminium Metal Coaster:

These Real Metal Coasters are screen printed in pantone matched spot colours or 4 colour process. They come with a high quality black, blue, green or red felt base or cork backing at an extra cost and are available in 8 different shapes and sizes.

From: £1.40

    Sprout™ Pencil in Single Packaging:

The pencil comes in a cardboard packaging where the user can see the instructions on how to use it and plant it. Printing is available on the pencil, while the cardboard packaging comes in a nice pre-printed Sprout™ design.

From: £1.38

Glimmer Glass:

Glimmer Glass. Metal glass in a trendy copper finish. Volume capacity is 400 ml. Aluminium.

From: £3.10

Eco-Wood Sunglasses:

High quality brand-able ‘wayfarer’ style wooden sunglasses. Multiple engraving finishes available.

From: £11.72

Green & Good Sustainable Wood 30cm Ruler:

This 30cm wooden ruler is made from European sourced timber – Graduations pre printed in centimetres.

From: £0.94


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It’s never too late to make an impact.


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*The Waste Management & Recycling Blog, 2018

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