Premier’s Most Cherished Products

Sometimes we’re given something that just ticks our boxes. Something we can’t live without, something we hunt for when it’s lost, something we talk about, something we cherish.

Your next promotional item could work harder for you by making it something to be cherished.

We asked the Premier Team for their thoughts…





“I had a great experience when I took my car in for a service around Christmas time. Audi offered all customers getting a service in December a wrapped up gift from under the tree. I unwrapped an Audi branded Contigo water bottle and have used it ever since! It’s gifts like this that leave a great impression of a company and brand.”

Trevor Howard, Senior Account Executive








“My cherished promotional product is my desk calendar! Which doesn’t come as a surprise for a PA. I reckon I look at it 100 times a day.
I particularly like the space to write on each day as well as being able to glance at the next month’s dates for forward planning.”

Charlotte Game, PA to the MD












“My cherished promotional product has to be the A5 notebook, simple but efficient! Working in accounts it can be all hands on deck. With slim margin for error and tasks having to be completed in a certain time, using the A5notebook it allows me to keep notes at hand. I have multiple notebooks for different aspects of the job (Credit control, Purchase invoicing etc..)”

Callum Davies, Accounts Assistant









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