Must have products for Fresher’s Week…

The start of the new term will be here before you know it – promotional giveaways are ideal to welcome your new students and below are our recommended products to help with ideas!

PP1007_Bag_CottonShopper_Pic11. Natural Cotton Shopper
One of our best sellers and currently on special offer this bag is a must have for all students! The large print area means your design will be seen as these bags are used on a daily basis around campus.


PPP1535_Americano_Mug2. Americano Mug

Every student will be on the go and running late at some stage so why not help them have their coffee in style with these great Americano Mugs – available in a wide range of colours and now the Brite Americano mug offers a full colour wrap. So your design can be as colourful and eye-catching as you want!


PPP2393-tempo-sports-bottle-BL3. Sports Bottles

Many new students like the opportunity to join sports clubs so they get to experience all that University life has to offer…so sports bottles will be well received. The Tempo, Pulse and Base Bottles are all part of the H20 active range which means you can mix and match bottles, lids and colours to suit your University colours.


PPP1846-CONTOUR-BALLPEN-pic24. Contour Ballpen

You can never have too many pens…the last thing you want is students turning up to their first seminar with no pen or no ink. Well our contour ballpen range is cost effective and available in so many different styles and colours that the options are endless.


PPP1006_Pad_A5_Scribble_Pad-pic15. A5 Desk Pad

The perfect little pad that can be used throughout their studies…scribbling down notes, writing their all-important shopping list and even doodling in class (we all do it!). Low cost and ample branding area for your logo and details.


PP1005_A7_Sticky_Note_Pic 16. Sticky Notes

During exam time all students will need these…mark certain pages, note down important details and if not to leave messages in student accommodation. Our A7 sticky notes are just what you need – a best seller for so many reasons.

Speak to us today and we will be happy to help get your fresher’s week promotional products sorted for you!

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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