My Mate MaskMate

Max. An Essex boy living in beautiful Cornwall.

Picture the scene, he jumps out his camper van on the forecourt, fuels up, strolls towards the kiosk only to clock the poster out-front… “Please wear a mask in our store”. 

Panic ensues. 

This was the 4th time this week he’d found himself in a similar predicament. It dawned on him the same situation must be happening up and down the country. 

Now fortunately, not only is Max one smart cookie, he also runs a successful plastic injection moulding company in the west country.

Queue the A-team build montage.

From a scribble on a beer mate through a cider haze to a finished product in 6 weeks. The MaskMate Antimicrobial Face Mask Case was born.

Now for the sciency bit… The plastic contains ionic silver which has sterilizing properties. That means for the lifetime of the product it will reduce the spread of bacteria by 98%.

The little face mask holder is not only antimicrobial, so it stays nice and clean, it also is made from recycled plastic. 

It has a clip for a keyring, backpack, handbag or even on your jeans if you think you can pull that look off. It means you will always have an emergency face mask handy.

The antimicrobial MaskMate face mask case can also be branded in full colour. The ink is vegan too, so everyone is happy. 

They come in 8 standard colours but can also be pantone matched for that full on-brand look.

And last but not least, to tick every eco merchandise box the packaging is also biodegradable. 

So next time you rock up at the supermarket and face-palm when you remember you need a mask, think how many others are doing the same. They could all be whipping an emergency mask out of your branded MaskMate and whipping their brow thanks to you.


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